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Tackling IT Challenges in Toronto: How VBS Tailors Solutions for Local Businesses

VBS IT Services

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In the bustling metropolis of Toronto, SMBs face unique challenges when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure. From cybersecurity concerns to the need for remote work solutions, we understand the intricacies of the local business landscape, and are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet each of our clients’ specific needs. In this post, we’ll demonstrate how our unique approach to IT support has helped organizations like iGan Partners and R&D LLP thrive in Toronto’s competitive market.

Keeping iGan Partners Secure

Meet iGan Partners, a Toronto-based healthcare investment firm that were in need of better cybersecurity to match their increasing volume of large transfers.

Between hiring experienced personnel and sourcing additional software, building an in-house team would’ve been a massive expense, not to mention incredibly time-consuming. They decided to reach out to us instead.

After a thorough assessment of their existing IT network, we formulated a specially tailored plan to implement new IT solutions aligned with iGan Partners’ unique needs and budget. Their team were then walked through our insights step-by-step, leaving them confident in their new cybersecurity measures.

A multi-layered strategy ensured their sensitive data was covered from threats on all bases:

  • Ransomware protection: Engineers monitor inbound and archived emails for anything suspicious, and if they find a problem, they resolve it before any team members get access.
  • Phishing and spam detection: Content filtering and threat scanning software further reduces the risk of cyberattacks, resulting in safer, more streamlined inboxes for everyone.
  • Endpoint encryption: Threat protection on all of their team’s devices acts as an extra defense against targeted attacks.

Transitioning to new systems can seem complicated, and we never want our clients to feel out of their depth. It’s why we always make sure they understand the changes being made – education eases the transition and empowers local businesses like iGan Partners to get the best of their IT, instead of letting it get the best of them.

How did they know we were the right fit?

20+ years of working with SMBs around Toronto have taught us a thing or two about local IT support. Namely, we’ve learnt that ‘one size fits all’ is rarely the case. Every business’s tech needs are as unique as their aspirations, so we make sure to get to know each client before we act.

‘From the moment we engaged VBS showcased their expertise and professionalism.’ – iGan CEO

Our commitment to customization and attention to detail assured iGan Partners that we were the best people to partner with. Regular meetings with the team meant we could offer not just the latest and most efficient solutions in the market, but the most suitable ones for their needs.

Worry-Free IT for Ira Smith Trustee & Receiver Inc

When they found themselves in need of a trustworthy team to oversee their IT, insolvency and financial restructuring practice Ira Smith Trustee & Receiver Inc. turned to us.

Unlike their previous IT provider, we made Ira Smith feel like a priority – because they are. None of the 50+ clients we work with are treated like an afterthought, because even though quality IT may be at the back of your mind, it’s at the front of ours. Our dedicated team are experts on all things cybersecurity, so they were well-placed to manage Ira’s networks and advise them on how best to patch up weak spots.

‘I have the comfort of knowing that we don’t need to spend a second worrying about our IT infrastructure’, – Ira Smith

Our software monitors around the clock, and when problems do arise, we respond quickly, ensuring your people can carry on undisturbed. With a one-ticket resolution rate exceeding 90%, our clients are never held up by lengthy customer service or inefficient support.

‘VBS is excellent at tracking the issue, responding quickly and making sure that anyone on our team can get back to work with the least amount of disruption or downtime’, – Ira Smith

For those still hesitant about investing in their IT foundations, we think this line from iGan’s review sums it up pretty well:

What would the cost be to your business if you couldn’t rely on your IT vendor?

By partnering with us, you’ll never have to find out.

Helping R&D LLP Embrace Remote Working

Situated in downtown Toronto, prominent law firm R&D LLP specialize in business law services. The pandemic necessitated a move to a remote working model – but it wasn’t all plain sailing.

The problem? The firm’s on-site server and phone system were legacy technology, and entirely unsuitable for remote work. In order for the team to work from home, they needed a flexible solution, stat.

Enter VBS. Our digital transformation strategy revolutionized R&D LLP’s IT environment. Introducing easy to access remote infrastructure and work platforms allowed them to adapt to the changing business landscape more flexibly.

Here are some of the steps we took:

  1. Migrated their server and phone system to an adaptable, cloud-based infrastructure, allowing the team to work from any location, on any device.
  2. Strengthened cybersecurity through the introduction of a holistic, multi-layered security suite that alleviated concerns about cyberthreats.
  3. Conserved costs by minimizing missed calls and reducing telecommunications fees.
  4. Improved productivity thanks to the introduction of remote file access via Microsoft 365, which allowed documents to be shared and managed without delay.
  5. Saved time that would’ve otherwise been spent handling spam and phishing emails by introducing email security measures like spam filtering.

Ready for Reliable IT?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, reliable IT support is essential for success. With our strategic solutions and personalized approach, we empower companies in the Greater Toronto Area to adapt and excel in the changing local landscape. Whether you’re a professional service, a non-profit or beyond, you can trust us to guide you.

It all starts with a no-obligation conversation – book in for a chat with our Managing Director, Miguel, at a time that works for you.