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We’re Pioneering Proactive IT Services for Toronto’s Small Businesses – Here’s How.

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Cybersecurity, disruptive tech, and changing government regulations constitute some of the trickiest challenges facing Canadian SMBs today, according to a recent KPMG survey. In order to bolster themselves against potential market shifts, local businesses are turning their focus to streamlining and optimizing operations – and a lot of that starts with IT. This time, we’re discussing how taking proactive approaches to IT support can set up your team for success in the ever-shifting sands of the Toronto business scene.

Solve IT Issues Before They Happen

Prevention is not only better than cure, it’s usually more cost-efficient, too. Over 50% of downtime caused by technological problems cost businesses upwards of $100,000 in 2022, and that number’s only set to grow. Rather than waiting for the worst to happen, proactive IT providers help you neutralize potential threats before you even become aware of them. By analyzing data from your IT systems and devices, predictive maintenance can highlight current and future vulnerabilities, allowing us to patch them up ASAP. This means that instead of coughing up a hefty chunk of change in response to a tech emergency, local businesses can spend their money on game-changing next steps, safe in the knowledge that strategic IT support has their back.

Plan for Your Business’s Future

Fear of the unknown holding you back? Take IT concerns out of the equation with a solid plan for tomorrow. It starts with a visit from our team. We’ll discuss your business ambitions, with a focus on solving the technological pain points preventing you from achieving them. Add a thorough assessment of your current IT infrastructure, and we’ll have all we need to produce a specialized blueprint outlining the steps you should take to reinforce your business. We can’t guarantee what tomorrow will bring, but we can give you the confidence that your IT will support you through it.

Stay on Top of Cybersecurity

As technology continues its blisteringly paced evolution, we know one thing for sure: up-to-date cybersecurity is the number one IT concern for many Toronto-based SMBs. Advancing tech means advancing cybercriminals, ready to strike where you’re most vulnerable. It’s incredibly easy to become a victim to these three common attacks:

1. Email phishing: Ever had a message through that your password has been in a data leak? ‘Reset now to avoid losing your account’ and the like? Double-check the links before you click next time – you could be being enticed to share sensitive information with an untrustworthy source who’s planning on planting viruses on your device the moment you click.

2. Spoofing: Your employee receives an email that – for the most part – appears to be from a client. There’s an issue with their recent invoice, so they ask your team to clarify that you’ve got the correct payment information on record. Details sent over, and boom – just like that, an attacker masquerading as your client now has access to their highly confidential information. Not only does your client face significant financial losses, but with their trust in you eviscerated, so do you.

3. Ransomware: One of the scariest types of cyberthreat, ransomware involves an outsider encrypting your data, leaving you without access unless you pay up. If your data’s not backed up elsewhere, you’re left in an impossible spot – lose essential funds and hours of downtime, or lose essential data?

Getting ahead of these kinds of cyberthreats mainly comes down to education. Keeping your people informed through regular cybersecurity awareness training mitigates the risk of falling into nefarious IT traps. Combined with multi-layered technical defenses, local businesses can stay safe and protected, whatever cybercriminals throw their way.

Keep Tech Costs Minimal

Comprehensive IT support sounds great, but when half the software in your package isn’t relevant to your needs, is it really worth the extra cost? Aligned solutions tailored to you mean you’re not wasting money on redundant technology that sits unused. Choosing an IT company who will help you get the best from your tech ensures your investment is not only worth it, but will soon pay for itself in terms of increased productivity and minimized downtime. Additionally, opting for a service that offers fixed monthly rates instead of by-the-hour charges guarantees there are no surprise expenses when something unexpected happens.

Scale the IT Mountain

Unpredictable markets can be a blessing and a curse. When things are on the up and you’re looking to expand operations, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your IT can handle it. Seeking out scalable solutions can take time, which is why we curate our IT services with flexibility in mind.

New clients? No problem. Embracing cloud-based platforms keeps messaging, meeting, and collaborating with your customers straightforward, whether there are 100 of them or 1,000.

New setup? Easy peasy. If you choose to incorporate remote work, professional advice is on hand to create a robust WFH policy that keeps your sensitive assets secure and your employees on track.

New office? We’ll help with that, too. Transitioning to a new HQ becomes much easier with a plan in place to relocate your tech without halting operations.

Ready to Power Up Your Business?

Navigating the world of IT can be daunting for businesses in Toronto, especially with the rapid pace of technological change. That’s where our we come in. With years of experience working with SMBs across Toronto, we’ve honed our approach to address local business’s diverse needs. We offer proactive IT support and consulting that nurtures and empowers our clients – and you could be one of them. Book in today for a no-strings-attached discovery call.