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From Absence to Success: How My Business Defied the Odds and Flourished While I Was Away For A Year

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I took a leave of absence from my business and something amazing happened… In 2012 I suffered a severe concussion that required a year-long recovery. During this time I was bedridden, unable to work on the business, and so full of stress it felt like everything was collapsing on me.

With 1100 clients, 6 employees, and 18 partners such as Google, Cisco, and Microsoft, I was convinced my business was doomed. I thought it was over. Thankfully, I had an extensive system I kept secret from my employees…

Years before the accident when I had first started my business. I locked myself in the office with plans of discovering the next piece of innovation in my field… I wanted to propel my business to new heights. I wanted it to be efficient and highly profitable. I wanted to focus on scaling the company, but was too busy working as an employee. I didn’t have the time to build what I was dreaming of…

Then it hit me…the only way to scale the business is by creating a mechanism that does tedious tasks for me.

Fast Forward To Today

My business practically runs itself. And with the recent developments in AI… it’s only getting better. When it comes to reducing workload, increasing productivity, and decreasing my stress… I’ve got it down. I tried and tried again, running my head into a wall (literally…) until I was able to take a step back as an employee and focus on the growth of my business and my mental well-being. And if I wanted to… I could take a break, it’s not going anywhere. On top of that, my business has been recognized as one of the top 50 best-managed companies in Canada. I know exactly what works and what doesn’t… but most Importantly:

I know exactly what works today, and I have refined these strategies to ensure consistent, reliable results.

The System

While I was confined in my office tirelessly thinking of what my next step would be… that’s when I discovered Workflow Automation. My workflow was designed to manage client relationships, the sales process, automate cybersecurity protocols, automate tickets, billing and ensure consistent customer experiences – all without my direct involvement.

When it was finally implemented, it was like a conductor took over the train…tasks that used to combine into hours of work were now being done in the background, while I was able to focus more on what mattered: Scaling (or for me at the time, recovery).

Without workflow automation, my concussion and year-long recovery would have been the end of my business…and in 2024, it’s only gotten better. Workflow automation is reaching new heights with the power of AI. With AI Driven Process Management we’re revolutionizing how small businesses approach operations.

With Workflow Automation my business:

  • Saw a 12% increase in workforce capacity
  • Saved 37% of time previously spent on manual tasks
  • Boosted sales productivity by 14.5% and enabled the sales team to close approximately 30% more deals.
  • A 24% reduction in operational costs

And more importantly, my time was freed up for more important, impactful tasks. Now I have the freedom to only focus on what brings me the highest ROI.

My Objective Here Is Simple… Helping You Setup The Same System Within Your Business

First, we’ll quickly set up a call to figure out what your current bottlenecks are and immediately start implementing solutions Next, we’ll tailor a solution that fits your business needs, leveraging the latest in AI-driven process management, so you can start seeing results almost immediately.

Imagine the freedom and peace of mind you’ll enjoy when tedious tasks are handled seamlessly in the background, giving you more time to focus on expanding your business and pursuing your passions. Think about the growth you can achieve when you can focus on strategy and innovation.

Let’s Make It Happen

I’m here to help you transform your business with the same powerful system that saved mine. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a more efficient, scalable, and future-proof business solutions tailored to your unique needs.