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Innovative IT Support: VBS’s Approach to Custom Solutions

VBS IT Services

Innovative IT Support

Every business is unique, and their IT environment should be the same. A good IT company takes each business’s needs, goals, and tech know-how into account, and shapes their services appropriately. By understanding operations inside out and crafting aligned tech solutions to suit, professional teams can propel local small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) towards their next milestone, free from IT obstacles. In today’s blog, we’re illustrating how our innovative approach to customized solutions has helped our clients grow and thrive in the face of dynamic changes in Toronto’s business landscape. Ready to find out if they could do the same for you?

Why Customized IT Support Is Key for Local SMBs

Customized IT support offers a strategic advantage that standard packages simply can’t match, specifically tailored to meet the unique demands and challenges of each SMB. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, a bespoke approach from a dedicated IT company delves into the specific operational needs of your business, offering optimized systems that enhance efficiency where it’s most needed. This means smarter data management, more targeted cybersecurity measures, and support systems that adapt to your specific business rhythms and growth pace. The result? A setup that not only boosts day-to-day operations but also scales seamlessly as your business evolves, providing ongoing, tangible value that standard IT solutions often overlook.

How We Tackle Toronto’s Diverse Business Needs

Toronto is a glorious meeting place for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and sectors. With more than 440,000 SMBs in Ontario, and most of those situated in the GTA, the local landscape is a rich and varied tapestry that demands equally varied IT support.

After over 20 years of experience working with local SMBs, we’ve learnt this first-hand. Our team brings unparalleled knowledge thanks to their own diverse backgrounds; it’s what allows us to devise innovative, creative solutions to wide-ranging IT challenges.

Those in the legal industry need tech teams focused on high-level security and response rates fast enough to keep up with their blistering pace. In contrast, professional services’ concerns lie in scaling to meet seasonal demands and optimizing resource allocation – the crucial factors that set SMBs that fly apart from those that falter. An IT service who are local, and therefore familiar with both compliance rules and regulations, and how businesses in a range of sectors function, is invaluable to both.

And, for non-profits, straightforward IT solutions that don’t take a Comp-Sci degree to understand are essential. Our clients in the charity sector aren’t treated as a lesser priority than businesses who run on tight deadlines and operate at breakneck speeds. They get immediate fixes and proactive behind-the-scenes support from a reliable provider that, as part of the local community, really understands the value of the work they do.

We’re able to remain adaptable, forward-thinking and responsive to the changing local landscape and our clients’ evolving needs. Don’t take it from us, though; hear it from our happy clients firsthand, or read on for some of our latest case studies.

Innovative Remote Solutions for R&D LLP

Nestled in downtown Toronto, prominent law firm R&D LLP found themselves in the same tricky situation as many SMBs when COVID-19 hit. The pandemic necessitated a move to a remote working model, but their existing infrastructure posed a challenge. The firm’s on-site server and phone system were legacy technology and entirely unsuitable for remote work. In order for the team to work from home, they needed an upgraded, cost-effective IT overhaul.

Cue innovative IT support. Our digital transformation strategy revolutionized R&D LLP’s IT environment. Introducing easy-to-access remote infrastructure and work platforms allowed them to adapt to the changing business landscape more flexibly. Check out some of the steps we took:

  1. Migrated their server and phone system to an adaptable, cloud-based infrastructure, allowing the team to work from any location, on any device.
  2. Strengthened cybersecurity through the introduction of a holistic, multi-layered security suite that alleviated concerns about cyberthreats.
  3. Preserved their budget and customer relations by minimizing missed calls and reducing telecommunications fees.
  4. Improved productivity thanks to the introduction of remote file access via Microsoft 365, which allowed documents to be shared and managed without delay.
  5. Saved time that would’ve otherwise been spent handling spam and phishing emails by introducing email security measures like spam filtering.

Customized Cybersecurity for iGan Partners

On the brink of an exciting growth period, Toronto-based healthcare investment firm iGan Partners found themselves in desperate need of better cybersecurity to match their increasing volume of transfers. Between hiring experienced personnel and sourcing additional software, building an in-house team would’ve been a hefty expense, not to mention incredibly time-consuming. They decided to reach out to us instead.

Following an extensive assessment of their existing IT network, we formulated a bespoke plan to implement new IT solutions aligned with iGan Partners’ unique needs and budget. Their team were then walked through our insights step-by-step, instilling confidence about their new cybersecurity measures. We took this step because we know that transitioning to new systems can be daunting, and we never want to leave our clients feeling overwhelmed. VBS may be taking the reins on SMB’s IT, but at the end of the day, we’re a partner, not just an IT service. Education helps squash any learning curve frustrations, easing the adjustment and empowering local businesses like iGan Partners to take control of their IT, instead of letting it control them.

We prioritized a multi-layered strategy that ensured their sensitive data was shielded from all manner of cyber threats:

  • Ransomware protection: Our engineers monitor inbound and archived emails for anything suspicious. If they find a problem, it’s resolved before any team members fall victim to malicious links.
  • Phishing and spam detection: Content filtering and threat scanning software further reduces the risk of cyberattacks, resulting in safer, more streamlined inboxes for everyone.
  • Endpoint encryption: Threat protection on all of their team’s devices acts as an extra defense against targeted attacks.

Choose Custom IT Support for Your Business

So, there you have it. Opting for customized IT solutions has benefitted SMBs spanning the range of industries in our lively city, giving them a flexible, fortified, and future-proofed advantage over those reliant on standard, run-of-the-mill tech. Every other aspect of your business has been molded to suit your specific needs, team, and objectives; why shouldn’t your IT?

VBS IT Services: Delivering Exceptional Outsourced IT Management and Technology Solutions to Businesses in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill and Mississauga

For our clients in and around Toronto, IT services mean more than a stop-gap solution. At VBS, we strive to provide local SMBs with bespoke, cutting-edge technology that helps them thrive long-term in an ever-evolving market. By combining proactive, personal service with years of expertise, our experienced team curate IT solutions designed to move the needle for your business.

We’re proud to support businesses in the Greater Toronto Area on their journey towards optimal efficiency. Want to chat about how proactive IT support could help prevent downtime in your business? Contact us for a free IT discovery session. We’d love to learn about your team, your goals, and what your ideal tech landscape looks like.