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About Us.

Simply the best IT Support for SMBs in Toronto and the GTA.

Technologies helping business succeed.

VBS is an award-winning provider of managed services, cybersecurity, business IT solutions and services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We specialize in optimizing technology and balancing cybersecurity with easy-to-use protection for small and medium-sized companies to help them meet the most challenging business goals and make the most out of their technology investment.

Our company values

People First

When we help and support each other, we achieve more.

Whatever it takes

Every problem has a solution; we don't give up until we find it.

Have fun

We find opportunities to have fun. A shared smile or laughter brightens the day for all.


We have a mindset where we challenge status quo, and consider new ways and ideas.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly improving by learning, and we share the knowledge by teaching others. Mistakes are a learning opportunity and look at ways to reduce them and improve.

The managed services we provide.

IT Support


Cloud Solutions

CRM Systems

Proactive support keeps your systems up to date and secure so you can feel secure even when you’re not connected.

We take proactive measures to safeguard your company’s assets and sensitive data from fast-expanding cyberthreats.

Utilising the power of your software to enable your employees to operate from anywhere, at any time.

Do you want to implement a CRM in your business to help manage and automate a lot of day to day tasks?

Partner with VBS IT Services and enjoy these competitive advantages.

Expert management of your business technology

Our certified and seasoned technicians will keep every aspect of your IT working for you. From design to implementation to support, we have you covered.

Robust, reliable protection of your data

Whether you need an extra layer of protection for a specific part of your IT, or a complete cybersecurity roadmap to protect every touch point, the VBS cybersecurity experts can help.

Effective remote work solutions

We provide a range of secure, user-friendly IT solutions and customize them to meet the specific needs of your remote workforce. We also handle management so your teams can just focus on your customers.

Responsive, reliable support

Our goal is to help you work smarter and with minimal disruptions, so we are on hand to answer questions and resolve issues whenever you need us.

Leadership team.


Miguel Ribeiro

Miguel Ribeiro is the founder and CEO of VBS IT Services, a company that offers IT support and solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Miguel has built a reputation for balancing sense with sensibility in business development. He believes that the key to success is understanding the client's needs and goals and providing practical and cost-effective solutions. Miguel is passionate about helping his clients achieve their objectives and has a proven track record of delivering results. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto and is committed to continuous learning and professional development.


Paul Tonelli

As a business owner and our Chief Information Officer, Paul Tonelli is an entrepreneur with technology and business development experience serving the SMB market. Paul earned a Bachelor of Technology degree from Brescia University College, and is an innovative problem solver who has worked in many industries over the years. Paul is also a graduate of Computer Programming at Conestoga College, and is certified with numerous industry-leading technology companies including Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, and Nortel. His diverse work history and specialization in a diverse range of IT solutions has allowed him to see the many different ways of running networks, managing phone systems, and the everyday processes that keep businesses running smoothly. From cloud computing and network design to business continuity, CRM solutions and telephony, Paul’s expertise ranges far and wide. He is the technology expert our clients look to for the most up-to-date, cost-effective IT solutions available, and was even awarded the Canada Trust CEO Customer Service Award. When he’s away from the office, Paul enjoys the outdoors, refinishing antiques, creating new foods and gardening.

Goldwyn Sarmiento

Goldwyn Sarmiento

Goldwyn plays a critical role in enhancing the overall customer experience. He’s responsible for ensuring that all customer service interactions are handled promptly, efficiently, and effectively. He works closely with the technical service team to develop and implement strategies that improve customer satisfaction. He monitors customer feedback, identify pain points, and works to resolve issues that customers may encounter. Additionally, he ensures that the technical service team is well-trained and equipped to handle the most challenging situations. By overseeing all aspects of customer service, he helps to create a positive and seamless experience for customers, ultimately increasing customer loyalty and retention.


Catherine Spiridakis

Catherine Spiridakis is our resident customer service guru, who works diligently to ensure our clients are always delighted with our services and support. Catherine attended the Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and has been a part of our team for more than five years. She believes that her success on the job comes from being thorough and detailed oriented, and that a company’s success is based on happy customers and good financial health. That’s why Catherine keeps a close eye on cash flow control management and reports on the financial health of our organization. She specializes in financial data reporting for managerial decision making, including the maintenance of bank accounts, cash flow and financial performance analysis. Not only does Catherine know her way around the numbers, but she also brings a passion for working with our loyal customers and helping them simplify running their businesses each and every day.

Why are we so passionate about your technology?

For VBS founder and CEO Miguel Ribeiro, technology automation opened up a world of possible adaptations in business after he was seriously injured in an accident.

When this lightbulb went off, Miguel set to work helping companies adapt to their own issues. 
Read his story here.

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