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Enhance collaboration and data security with the latest cloud apps.

Struggling With Collaboration?

By embracing the cloud, your business will transform into a modern workplace and give your staff the most advanced and efficient tools for collaboration and communication. The file sharing and storage solutions your firm currently uses can be easily, effectively, and efficiently replaced by the Cloud.

Limited Features?

You might be passing up possibilities to scale and streamline your present workflow because of antiquated technology.

Overpriced Systems?

It can be difficult to know how much to invest with technology constantly evolving. Are rising expenses and the fear of falling behind preventing your company from expanding?


Are your current systems inadequate for your company’s continued expansion and restricting your options for success?

An IT Support partner that you can trust.

We proudly help you to realize your goals, by keeping your IT ahead of the development pace of your business.

Business data is a crucial asset of any company, especially small and medium-sized ones.

Through the power of cloud computing, our data backup and protection service protects and duplicates your business’s essential files and applications.

Remote Working Solutions.

Cutting-edge solutions that help your teams work remotely without compromising productivity.

Microsoft 365.

Be productive from anywhere and collaborate seamlessly.

Whether you are collaborating in-person or remotely, you may chat, make calls, host online meetings, and communicate in real-time. Get a single integrated solution with Teams, OneDrive online storage, and Office apps together with high-end security features for a cost that works for your company.

Google Workspace.

Get quality work done faster with the new Google Workspace, customized just for your business.

Your Workspace will be a secure central platform that increases your productivity and puts you one step ahead of the competition thanks to Google’s fully optimised cloud infrastructure and VBS IT’s devoted IT specialists.

Hosted Server & Desktop.

Secure, high-performance cloud server solutions, customized according to your needs.

Speaking with us about your needs and goals can help our knowledgeable IT specialists create a safe, always-available server that is tailored to support your present and future growth. At VBS, we recognise that every organisation has specific needs and objectives.

An Award-Winning Company You Can Trust.

Join the many successful organizations that have partnered with us.

Cloud Backup and Data Protection:

Through the power of cloud computing, our data backup and protection service protects and duplicates your business’s essential files and applications.

We want to help you implement a business continuity plan so you can avoid the consequences of a data breach, which range anywhere from losing profits to closing up shop for good. Let us help you prepare for the worst to ensure a future with nothing but the best. We offer two options:

Local and Cloud Backup with Instant Virtual Server Failover

VBS IT Services offers exceptional data protection with uninterrupted access to data on site, in transit, and in the cloud. Fast server failover protects your business from downtime and ensures smooth operations.
Benefits of Instant Virtual Server Failover include:

Secure, high-performance cloud server solutions customized to your needs

App Server: Whether you need a secure, high-performance server to build and host your own applications or to host apps that are maintained by a third-party developer, VBS IT Services has you covered.

Database Server: To succeed in a data-driven business world, you need a secure, reliable server to host the high volume of sensitive and confidential data you handle and optimize your daily operations, and that’s what VBS delivers.

Remote Desktop Server: VBS’s Remote Desktop Server will help you achieve increased desktop performance and stronger cybersecurity protocols while giving your workforce the flexibility to work remotely.

QuickBooks, Sage, PCLaw Server: These secure server solutions will allow you to easily manage your business files and data while maximizing your operational efficiency.

Backup Server: Whether fires, floods, or cyberattacks threaten your business data, VBS’s secure, enterprise-grade backup serve will keep all of your data safe and help you resume work fast, with your client trust intact.

IoT Server: Our IoT server allows easy, efficient data collection and improves your operations with active triggers and data visualization tools.

Customized Server: VBS understands that every business has unique needs and goals, so talk to us about yours and our skilled IT experts will deliver a secure, always-available server that is customized to support your current and future growth.


The differences between cloud server and physical on-premises server

Cloud ServerOn-Premises Server


Low costs on all fronts
Cloud servers are cheaper to acquire, maintain, and replace than physical servers.
On-premises servers have high upfront costs, have higher maintenance costs, and need to be replaced regularly.


Guaranteed uptime
Our servers have a 99.99% guaranteed uptime.
Downtime is inevitable
Physical servers are prone to downtime and no amount of preparation and maintenance can prevent this.


Cheap and easy to scale
Update or downgrade at any time. It is a flexible, fast, and seamless process.
Complicated and expensive
When it’s time for you to scale, purchasing, installing, and testing your new hardware and software will be resources-demanding.


Our multilocation data servers allow us to offer redundancy as an integrated part of our plans so you don’t have to pay extra for it.
Huge investment
Setting up a redundancy system demands high investment in labor, infrastructure, technology, and maintenance.

We provide cutting-edge solutions that help your teams work remotely without compromising productivity or the quality of their work


Zoho CRM


Microsoft 365

Google Workspace


Our remote work from home technology includes:

  • Cliq – a user-friendly communication platform that allows chat, voice and video calls, calendar schedules, custom-built bots, and more, all while keeping your business data secure

  • Meeting – a feature-rich web conferencing tool that lets you easily record your meetings and keep them on the cloud to share with your remote employees, while also ensuring data security with effective encryption and granular access control

  • ShowTime – a user-friendly, multi-use training platform designed for effective HR meetings and any online courses, thanks to its abilities to customize registration forms, track user engagement, hold real-time Q&A sessions, and more

  • BacktoWork – a purpose-built, feature-rich management platform that helps you resume work in the office safely and efficiently by tracking health status of your staff, managing sanitization supply requests, sharing the latest safety guidelines, and more

Monitor employees’ PC activity from anywhere

A web-based cloud system designed for employee surveillance. It offers different reports with many features and filters to simplify your search. You can see what each of your employees is doing now or at any moment in the past.

Insider threats will no longer be a puzzle, thanks to the constant screen recording. The system records and stores videos instead of screenshots. The videos are linked with keystrokes and events for the best search result.
  • Productivity Score
    Automatic tracking of productive activities and score calculation for users and departments
  • Real-Time Surveillance
    Check who is active or away, and get the list of running apps and opened websites per user
  • Continuous Screen Recording
    Capture user screens with no gaps — videos are recorded and stored online
  • Web Filtering
    Content-based filtering that alerts, blocks, and redirects any URL accessed in the browser
  • App & Web Tracking
    Calculate active time spent in certain programs and websites
  • Secure Cloud System
    Get anywhere, anytime access to the dashboard on any device
  • Optional Stealth Mode
    Software is completely invisible to the user

User-friendly dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard displays a summary of precisely what you need to know about your team’s daily work efficiencies. The dashboard is configurable, which means you can choose to display the exact information you need to see. To do that, you can select the period of time and the department or user you want to find information about.

Detailed reports

The system has a very comprehensive reports menu that helps you take charge of your team’s efficiency. Using the reports menu, you can pull reports about several monitoring categories, separated into the criteria you need.

Our awards.