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Meet Miguel.

The founder of VBS. Every week we have conversations with businesses in Toronto about looking after their IT support and keeping them safe.

Miguel Ribeiro is committed to solving problems for his clients.

Delivering well-executed solutions that result in significant cost reductions and increased productivity for our SMB clients.

In addition to his sales expertise, Miguel specializes in a wide range of IT solutions, including: voice & data networks, cybersecurity, AI, ERP & CRM solutions, SharePoint document management, and numerous hardware & software solutions.

Miguel Ribeiro removebg preview
Miguel Commodor computer

Miguel with his first Commodore computer at 17. Also liked to wear turtlenecks like the late Steve Jobs.

Book a meeting with Miguel.

Why not book a convenient 30 minutes with our managing director?

He regularly offers these huge value sessions, without charge, to companies who feel overwhelmed with their infrastructure issues and need guidance and the right expertise.

It's a free, no-obligation chat and it could start you on the path to overcoming the pains of IT and reaping the rewards technology can bring.