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Cybersecurity Emergency Incident Response.

Get Immediate Help!

Are you experiencing an Active Cyber Attack to, Is your business experiencing an Active Cyber Attack?

Our Cyber Incident Response is a critical first step toward a quick recovery for your business.

If you are experiencing an Active Cyber Attack, get immediate help 24/7 by calling 416-221-7863 or complete the form below for less urgent assistance.

Get immediate help by calling 24/7 and our team will advise on the fastest, most effective plan of action, with most clients fully triaged within 48 hours.

Time is of the essence when your business is attacked. Don’t delay!

Experiencing an Active Cyberattack? Get Emergency Incident Response to Rapidly Eliminate Active Threats.
The Fastest and Most Effective Way of Identifying an Attack

The Fastest and Most Effective Way of Identifying an Attack

We’ll immediately identify and neutralize active threats,
whether it’s an infection, compromise, unauthorized access to assets, or an
attempt to circumvent your security controls, the professionals at VBS are here to help!

Delivered by an expert team of threat hunters and incident response experts, we’ll quickly discover if an attacker has breached your systems,
analyzes the risk to your organization, and provide detailed guidance on how to eliminate the threat.

VBS IT Emergency Incident Response

Don’t wait! Act now to protect your business from active cyber threats!

Get immediate help by calling 416-221-7863 now – anytime 24/7 or complete the form for less urgent assistance. Let us shield your organization from a potential disaster. Our team will advise on the fastest, most effective plan of action, with the most active cyber threats neutered within 48 hours.


If your system has ransomware, do not respond to the criminal attempting to collect a ransom. If you’re not sure and you suspect a breach, call a cybersecurity professional for assistance before takin any other action.

Depending on the type of incident, you may want to disconnect your entire network from the internet to avoid contamination. Then call a professional as soon as possible to start an incident response.

A multi layered protection is required with 24/7 threat detection. Our incident response service will not only identify the breach, but it will also continue to protect your systems for 45 days. Afterwards, you have the option to continue with the protection.

Disconnect systems from the internet and contact a professional as soon as possible. Time is of the essence.

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