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Do you need Avaya IP Office Contact Call Center Solution?

VBS IT Services

Avaya IP Office Contact Call Center Solution is the most widely used solution in the world. With intelligent and personalized routing, its the perfect match between your agents and customers.

How’s your customer engagement? Is your team answering every call quickly? If you’re not sure, you have a problem.

Avaya IP Office contact call center solution enables your people to engage efficiently with customers. With the Avaya IP Office Advanced Edition for Customer Service you can help your team quickly and efficiently serve your customers while helping your business measure, track, and optimize your people’s performance. Gain customer intelligence through real time tools for call queues, wait times and much more.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center offers the same functionality as Avaya’s enterprise-focused contact center solutions, including call recording, analytics and multichannel support, which allows agents to interact with customers using either voice, email or chat functionalities.


Watch the video or click here to learn about Avaya IP Office