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8 Tech Trends Changing How We Work In 2016

VBS IT Services

Source: Forbes

We have witnessed a tremendous change in the way people everywhere use technology to complete their daily tasks. Today’s workforce books plane tickets, hails taxis, collects payments, pays bills and even controls their home from their smartphone or wearable device. Innovations from our personal lives are converging into our careers and people expect it more than ever. People value the flexibility to work from anywhere, any time, on any device, and have come to expect this user experience. What does this mean for the business? Greater complexity to support the end user experience in a secure way. However, the benefits to the business when they support mobile workspaces and workplace of the future are typically substantial.

While this all might seem a fad or frivolous to older generations, it is an expectation for the Millennials and is having a trickle effect to most people in the workplace. As much as companies now understand the need to create innovative new ways to interact with clients in meaningful ways in order to attract and retain their business, the same is true for your workforce. Employers who want to attract and retain top talent have to offer the same quality user experience to their workforce before the competition does (this is key).

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