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Office 365 Migration Consultants: A Complete Guide

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Are you considering migrating to Office 365? It’s a powerful cloud subscription plan offered by Microsoft, providing access to Office software applications and Exchange Online for seamless email and smartphone sync. Whether you’re just starting or looking to make the move, this article will be your ultimate guide in choosing the best Office 365 subscription, understanding your options, and finding the perfect migration consulting partner.

Understanding Office 365: Not All Services Are Created Equal

Office 365 offers a range of services and packages, but not all of them are the same. Microsoft’s Partner offerings may differ from third-party hosted services. It’s essential to explore the available options to find the one that best suits your business needs. Additionally, Office 365 supports third-party solution plugins, enabling automation and making your workflow more efficient.

Leveraging Functionality: Maximize Your Investment

Microsoft Office applications are packed with powerful features, but often, users only utilize around 15% of their functionalities. To maximize your productivity, you need to explore and leverage these capabilities fully. Office 365 also provides various plugins, allowing seamless integration with phone systems, email marketing solutions, cloud and local file storage, collaboration tools, video/voice conferencing, CRM, document signing, and more. Chat with our professional Office 365 migration partner consultant to discover how you can streamline and automate your processes.

Reliability: Cloud Services You Can Trust

With Office 365, you get access to a highly reliable cloud infrastructure. Microsoft has invested significantly in building a robust server data center, featuring redundant servers in multiple continents, backup power stations, and multiple points of failover. This ensures a 99.9% uptime and availability of your data. Check for the latest reliability updates on the Office 365 trust center to stay informed.

Hybrid Cloud Option: Added Reliability and Flexibility

In the rare event of Office 365 unavailability, having your Office software (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.) installed on a PC or Mac allows you to continue working locally. Additionally, you can opt for a hybrid cloud environment to further enhance reliability, flexibility, and control over your organization’s system and data access. If you require the highest level of reliability, consult with your Office 365 specialist to determine if a hybrid cloud solution is the right fit for you.

Security: Safeguarding Your Confidential Data

Moving to cloud services demands trust in your service provider to handle sensitive and confidential data. Microsoft takes security very seriously and has implemented robust policies and systems within Office 365 to safeguard your information. Feel free to ask your Microsoft Office 365 sales specialist for documentation regarding Office 365 security policies.

Office 365 Empowers Small Businesses

Witness how Office 365 cloud solutions have propelled businesses like Turbine Test Services to new heights. Check out the success story of Scott Naucler, a small business owner, who effectively utilizes Microsoft Office 365 to enhance collaboration, productivity, and time management. To experience the same success, reach out to your Office 365 sales consultant specialist and explore the possibilities for your business.

Contact us now at VBS IT Services and let our experienced consultants guide you through the seamless migration process. Discover the potential of Office 365 and empower your business to thrive like never before.