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Why Your Business Needs RingCentral Cloud PBX

VBS IT Services

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When business asks why they should consider a RingCentral cloud PBX phone system, we always tell them the same thing. Because everything is more competitive today and you need the best technology to stay competitive. If they need more proof, we tell them about the other ways this system can help their small business.

You Can Personalize a RingCentral Cloud PBX Phone System
Personal engagement is the best way to win and keep customers. This phone system allows employees to customize the phone features that matter to them. Providing customers with a personalized experience helps to improve retention rates. Not only that, personalizing a RingCentral cloud PBX phone system motivates employees to be more creative and innovative.

51% of businesses are expected to adopt cloud communications by 2020.

You Can Scale the Entire System Up or Down
Ask anyone in small business about agility and flexibility. They will tell you it’s the cornerstone of success since demand goes up and down with the market or seasons. These are the phone systems that keep pace. You’re never locked into a stagnant number of lines or have to worry about long wait times to add more lines or user extensions. Depending on your present staffing needs you can expand or decrease the number you need within a browser and make the adjustments instantly.

In the end that means you’re not paying for services you don’t need. A RingCentral cloud PBX phone system is also a perfect addition to any expansion plans, as its easy to implement quickly.

RingCentral Has the Features you Need
Research tells us that the right employee phone system can boost productivity by almost 4 hours a week. We understand how important good communication is to a successful business. With a system set up by our technicians, you can enjoy a feature rich system that won’t break the bank.

Reliable and Easy Disaster Recovery
The RingCentral cloud PBX phone system can help your business in the event of a natural disaster, power failures or internet outages. This system has redundant data centers and disaster failover in place that keep your business running with 99.999% uptime.

There is virtually 100% uptime with this kind of cloud-based telephone system. Your business can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’ll always be in contact with important staff members, prospects and clients. And in the event that your internet is down or there’s a power failure, calls are routed to cell phones or a number of choice, allowing you to continue business as usual.

The Way You Do Business
VBS IT Services can change the way you do business. We offer innovative conferencing and messaging solutions that are cloud-based. The uptime and security are unsurpassed. With our comprehensive system, you get mobility with desktop and smartphone mobile applications that allow you to stay connected from anywhere.

Conferencing capabilities are another bonus. You can integrate with the tools you use and have video and voice (webinar) conferencing on demand. This RingCentral cloud PBX Phone System is the perfect solution when you’re looking to integrate with internal teams regardless of where they are located. Get in touch today to learn more and see how we can improve your telecommunications and save you money.

A Guide for Business Leaders

You have questions, we have answers. Schedule a free consultation and we’ll provide clarity with advice that makes sense to you.