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5 Essential Remote Work Tips During COVID-19

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As an IT company we’ve had our fair share of dealing with viruses, but this one is unique.

Wherever you go today, everyone is talking about the Corona virus (COVID-19). The numbers are growing with almost 100,000 cases reported worldwide, to date and far outpacing the SARS epidemic in early 2000s. Depending on who you listen to, some news reports are framing it as an epidemic of borderline extinction. Others are downplaying it as just another type of cold. Regardless, people are frightened, and many are in panic mode.

On a visit to Costco the other day, people where stock pilling toilet paper and canned goods. The shelves we’re almost empty. It was chaos.

Organizations are cancelling major conference events, and some are closing their offices forcing people to work from home.

Shifting to a working remotely policy maybe easy for some businesses that are prepared with cloud technologies, but many organizations have yet to move to such flexible cloud systems.

If you’re one of these organizations that is unprepared, you maybe feeling some anxiety thinking about the “what if” scenario and trying to figure out how to shift to the cloud quickly to offer your team the capability of working remotely.

What no One Wants to Think About

  • What is the plan, in case someone on the team contracts the virus?
  • How will we ensure that it’s not transmitted to others in the office?
  • If people have to be quarantined, how will we continue to run our business?

As of yet, I don’t know of any business that has been forced to shut their office and quarantine all their people. I pray that it never comes to this. It would be an absolute disaster and nightmare.

At VBS we’ve taken precautions by training and educating everyone on prevention. We have backup staff, just in case. And since our technology is completely cloud based, we work from anywhere on any device.

As the old saying goes,

“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

How Businesses Should Handle the Coronavirus

Suggestions to consider from Entrepreneur Magazine. See article reference below.

  • Effective communication by training and providing employees educational guides.
  • Implement flexible working arrangements with work from home option.
  • Leave policy for employees that suspect being sick.
  • Use technology to avoid human contact in the office.

5 Tips to Protect Your Business from Corona Virus by Migrating to The Cloud

  1. First, pick a partner that will help you pivot quickly. Hire an expert to do it right.
  2. Work with your partner to identify all of the applications that your team uses to run your business processes.
  3. Determine a strategy to migrate to a cloud environment. Some applications may not have a cloud option, but our cloud servers can run your legacy software. Check with us for compatibility.
  4. Include cyber security protection, awareness training and cloud backup as part of your plan to ensure reliable data protection and business continuity.
  5. Implement and execute your cloud environment. Your partner must be capable of training your team as part of the implementation to make the transition seamless.

At VBS we love the simplicity of cloud technology and how it enables us and our clients to do more with less. We are masters at working remotely and have been doing it for more than 10 years. We know how to communicate and collaborate effectively with tools such as CRM, cloud phone system, online video and conference, desktop sharing, project management software and a document management solution. With years of experience, we can help guide you into a digital cloud strategy that will work as well for you, as it has for us.

Need Help with Solutions for Working Remotely?

We offer hardware, software, cloud solutions and implementation/support services for all your remote working needs including:



Work is more than just a place and you shouldn’t be tied to a desk. You need the flexibility to work from anywhere and not just because of a Corona virus outbreak.


Ask us about our free Remotely solution that enables you to take your work remote by offering a complete suite of web and mobile apps that will help you communicate, collaborate and be productive. Free until July 1, 2020

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Author: Miguel Ribeiro

IT Consultant – Peak Performance Expert

Managed IT Services – Cyber Security – Business Continuity – CRM – Cloud Solutions

Award winning Manager IT Services and Cyber Security

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