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Give superpowers to your sales team with the right CRM

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I wish I had superpowers, said the sales rep after a long day at the office. A desire shared by many other sales professionals, according to research conducted by Denis Pombriant from the Beagle Research Group, LLC. In his study “Getting Past the Breaking Point of Yesterday’s CRM,” Pombriant presents six superpowers that 98% of sellers wish they had:

  • Predicting the future
  • Having a perfect memory
  • Having a super-focus
  • Knowing a prospect’s mood
  • Being super organized
  • Reading their sales managers’ mind

Such a desire has a fundamental cause: selling is a complex task. It demands time for preparation, interaction, follow-up and data logging. It requests training, retraining and innovation. And all this happens under processes, rules, laws and regulations, in a time of constant changes in the customers’ needs and behaviour.

So, how can a sales rep obtain those desired superpowers and become superheroes?

Many companies think they have the answer: CRM – Customer Relationship Management.

However, when the same sales professionals, who desire to have superpowers, talked about CRM platforms, they were clear; their companies’ CRM is a kind of kryptonite, as you can see in the following numbers:

  • 85% of sellers admit having made potentially embarrassing mistakes due to faulty CRM data.
  • 47% of them consider CRM a go-to tool.
  • 42% of sellers say they have been ghosted by prospects because the competition got them first with a better offer

If the pressure coming from quota achievement, competition and deadlines were not hard enough to deal with, and a tool that was supposed to help with sales development just added insult to injury.

However, even though many sales professionals are unsatisfied with their CRM platforms, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. CRM is usually misunderstood and poorly implemented. It means companies are looking in the wrong direction when deciding which CRM system to buy and how to insert it in their sales and marketing routines and vice versa.

CRM can increase sales performance and offer the superpowers that your sales team needs. It is just a matter of having the right CRM.

What is the right CRM?

Prombriant’s recommendation in the last chapter of his research may help you:

“Today’s cloud-based platform technology makes it possible to tightly integrate disparate systems like AI, machine learning, proposal generation, next best action/offer, and much more.

The resulting systems are far more resilient to change than those of a few years ago because they are based on platforms that generate running code. Generation from specifications provides a level of flexibility that drives business agility—the thing that systems of record can’t produce and that businesses desperately need.

Lastly, modern platform-based systems present the possibility that an organization employing them will not find itself stuck with customer-facing systems that do not evolve, as is currently the case.”

Therefore, the right CRM is a modern cloud solution that facilitates data entry, predict behaviour and results, keep the information up to date, organize and prioritize tasks, and enhance communication and collaboration.

That is the reason VBS offers Zoho, the ultimate modern Cloud-based CRM solution that is going to provide superpowers to your sales team.

Whether you are collecting customer data, writing a document, or just looking for some sales numbers, Zoho provides the so desired superpowers to the sales professionals in your organization.

Zoho is the ultimate CRM solution due to a variety of Apps and the recent AI-powered assistant, Zia.

Who’s Zia?

Zia is an AI companion within Zoho CRM, and she is here to help you manage your CRM intelligently. Zia can fetch the information you want, take notes as you dictate, predict the outcome of sales activities, detect anomalies, automate mundane tasks, and more!

See below how Zoho CRM can give the superpowers your sales team desires:

Superpower: Predicting the future

Description: Ability to anticipate or foreseen an event before it happens
How Zoho helps:
When there are too many deals in the sales pipeline, it is hard for salespeople to chase the right leads. With Zia, that is no longer a problem. She can predict the win probability of every ongoing deal and assign a dynamic score based on how close they are to conversion.

Superpower: Having a perfect memory

Description: Ability to record data and retrieve it when necessary
How Zoho helps:
Do you suffer from incorrect, out of date, or incomplete CRM data? No worries. Zia helps you collect information on contacts, accounts, and leads and enriches those records automatically. She performs periodic checks from time to time to keep your data up to date and accurate.

Superpower: Having a super-focus

Description: Ability to concentrate on a task or goal even surrounded by distractions
How Zoho helps:
When your business offers multiple products or services, it can be hard to pitch the right one to your customer. Zoho CRM helps you identify the right product or bundles to pitch to a customer and capitalize on your upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Superpower: Knowing a prospect’s mood

Description: Ability to figure a prospect state of mind before a possible interaction
How Zoho helps:
No more unanswered calls and unopened emails! Zia gives smart suggestions for the best time and day of the week to contact each customer so that you can connect with them immediately.

Superpower: Being super organized

Description: Ability to arrange or order things or tasks to be found, used or executed easily and quickly
How Zoho helps:
Zia combs through your audit logs and activity history to identify patterns in your data and suggests pre-built workflows to make your sales process easier. You can choose to deploy these workflows immediately or edit them as needed, allowing your sales teams to save time and focus on closing deals.

Superpower: Reading their sales managers’ mind

Description: Ability to foreseen leaders’ demands, ideas, and needs to be proactive
How Zoho helps:
You do not have to wait for an end-of-the-month report to detect deviations in sales activities and numbers. With Zia, you can get updates on anomalies in real-time and act on them quickly. Zia can detect oncoming anomalies in your sales trends, giving you enough time to avert a drop in revenue or prepare for a surge in incoming leads..

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