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Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training

VBS IT Services

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Cybersecurity awareness training is a proven educational approach for reducing employee technology behavior risks that can lead to security breaches.

>95% of data breaches are caused by employee mistakes.
>91% of cyber security data breaches entry point is from email.

In today’s fast paced work environments employees let down their guard for the sake of keeping up with workloads. Rushing to get more done, people make mistakes. We educate your employees to understand the importance of slowing down and thinking before acting.

“Your security is only as strong as your weakest link.”

The VBS cyber security training awareness education program delivers relevant information and knowledge on subjects including information security, social engineering, malware, phishing and other scams, compliance, policies, and more. The program helps to keep cybersecurity top of mind, with regular ongoing security awareness training, which increases employee resilience to cyber attacks at home, on the move, and at the office.

Human Firewall

The human firewall is one of the most effective strategies to prevent a cyber breach. By participating in security awareness training, employees learn to avoid phishing and other types of social engineering cyberattacks, identify potential malware behaviors, follow company IT policies and best practices, and adhere to any applicable data privacy and compliance regulations. With 95% of data breaches occurring as a result of human error, education is key to creating the human firewall.

Dark Web

As part of our cybersecurity training awareness program, we include free dark web scanning. We scan the dark web on a daily basis to verify if you organization’s confidential information has been leaked to the dark web, where cyber criminals can get access to it.

Phishing Simulation Tests

Since 91% of breaches entry point is from email, we want to make sure that your employees are not tricked into opening or clicking on phishing email links. Our training program sends simulated phishing emails to test your employees behavior. This is part of the learning process to help you understand who is retaining the educational content and help you make decisions on how to deal with employees that are not retaining the content.

Why Businesses Need Security Awareness Training

As cyber security threats continue to evolve and become more common, security awareness training helps organizations protect their data, reputation and secure their systems. VBS makes it easy to implement an ongoing training program that significantly reduces the risk of security breaches through phishing simulations based on real-world attacks and training that covers relevant security and compliance topics. Contact us for more information or consultation at 416-900-6852