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Understanding Cyber Threats

Understanding Cyber Threats – What Are They?

The current modern age has made cyber attacks the number one threat to businesses across the globe – today you are more likely to get attacked silently online than by someone breaking the office door down in the middle of the night. The range of online threats is large and varied, criminals don’t discriminate in the organisations they target, you may think your organization is too small to be worth targeting – but that is not the case.

Online threats vary from infiltrations and attempted breaches on infrastructure resulting in company wide data breaches, all the way to spear phishing and brute force attacks.

What are Cyber Threats?

The term ‘Cyber security threat’ is referring to a malicious act that is designed with the intent of causing damage to data, to steal said data, or to simply cause disruption and damage.

Modern Cyber Threats

Today the term is almost always used when regarding security matters relating your IT landscape. A cyber attack is a premeditated attack on your network, the intent of the attack is to cause harm, some attacks are just a nuisance to your equipped network, but some can potential cause business defining damage.

Cyber threats can cause real damage to your business, they can cause electric blackouts, machinery failure, breakdowns of equipment, and in some cases leave you with no way of continuing operations. In areas like the medical sector for example, where data is at its most sensitive and abundant, they can cause particular damage. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a cyber threat of the right sophistication could change our lives as we know it.

As much as we are getting better at protecting ourselves when navigating cyber space, our efforts are running parallel to the efforts of cyber criminals.

In the remaining articles in the series, we explore some of the most common types of cyber attacks and some of the different sources where cyber criminality comes from.

Helping you Improve your Cyber Security

By trusting us with your IT needs we will get your organization ready to succeed in the modern digital workplace. Our experience in working with small businesses in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area allows us to ensure that you can increase revenue, secure your data, and always operate at peak performance in the most secure way possible. You will also be able to communicate with your clients, colleagues, and suppliers alike. All of this can be achieved to the very highest standard. Contact us now to find out what else we can do to improve your IT landscape and bring you even more benefits from your IT going forward.