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Cloud Backup and Data Protection for Your Business

VBS IT Services

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There’s a very good reason that we offer cloud backup and data protection in Richmond Hill. Research indicates that if you haven’t already migrated to the cloud you’re behind 90% of companies. Many of these businesses use what’s already being called a multi-cloud approach for agility and business continuity.

That means most of their workloads are already there. There’s more than a few good reasons why cloud migration is the better business approach over more traditional computing and data storage tools.

It’s Flexible

The cloud is both scalable and flexible. If you’re growing your business you can leverage the cloud to look after any of your expanding bandwidth requirements. Most cloud services can scale either up or down simply. Investing in a more physical infrastructure means you’ll need to spend more money for software licenses and networking equipment.

VBS IT Services offers fast server failover that benefit small business because there’s no software investment required. This is part of our package that also offers monthly billing with no long-term contracts.

It’s Accessible 

Got mobile sales teams and or remote workers in the field? The cloud is an excellent option because it allows businesses remote access to applications, files, servers from smartphones as well as PCs from anywhere.

With our cloud backup and data protection in Richmond Hill service, you’ll also have the added layer of protection from easily restorable files either from the cloud or locally. Always have the peace of mind of knowing critical information is at your fingertips.

The Cloud Drives Efficiency

The cloud drives efficiency and collaboration across your organization. Different users from multiple departments can access any and all the required information to make decisions on the fly. Any size business can overcome geographical restrictions. You’ll get a new infrastructure without geographic boundaries in the cloud. You can drive better collaboration and efficiency across provinces, states and even with overseas teams.

Stores Data

This technology also changes how business retrieves and stores data. Remember, there’s no need to invest in additional hardware or network equipment and no software licenses needed.

Our cloud backup and data protection in Richmond Hill service is there to help. These services protect any size business from downtime ensuring smooth operations. Virtual server backups and full server image backup are just a few of the other benefits you’ll get.  Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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