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Cybersecurity Consulting Toronto

VBS IT Services

Cybersecurity Consulting in Toronto Experts

VBS IT Services offers cybersecurity consulting in Toronto that’s a cut above the competition. Pick from a variety of solutions that include Phishing protection, Dark Web monitoring, and vulnerability scans to name a few.   

We look after all the details and the clients’ reviews highlight our dedication. We stay on top of the cybersecurity landscape too. 

Following are just a few of the threats we can help you to avoid.

Social Engineering

This threat is at the top position for a good reason. Social engineering is one of the more dangerous hacking methods used by cybercriminals. The reason is simple. It doesn’t rely on technical vulnerabilities as much as human error.

Phishing attacks are one of the more common examples. Remember our cybersecurity consulting in Toronto services include phishing protection. Our team works to block weaponized attachments.

Quite often, the issues with your cyber security can come from outside your business.

Exposure From Third Parties

There are different ways for malware to infect your systems including app integration and communications with vendors and clients. Hackers can access important data by breaching contractors.

Of course, not all of your data breaches come from outside your organization.

Outdated Software

Software that’s not kept up to date leaves your informational security weak.  One of the easiest ways for everyone to protect their devices and company software is to download the latest operating systems and updates.

The problems start when patches get released for these updates but are not installed. That can leave your network vulnerable.

Poor Employee Training

One of the biggest cyber security threats to any organization can come from within. Most data breaches are caused by employee errors whether they are accidental or intentional.

It’s important to keep in mind that most phishing attacks are sent by email. Employees that aren’t properly trained don’t know how to spot these schemes and others.

Cybersecurity Consulting in Toronto

Common Cybersecurity Myths

In many areas of our lives there are myths that we accept as fact.  There are cybersecurity myths that demand debunking to keep your business safe.

#1 – I’m too small to attack

Any size of business, in any industry, can be the target of a cyberattack. In fact, hackers hit smaller businesses because they lack the necessary protection and cyber security training.

#2 – Antivirus software is all I need

If only it were that easy. You need antivirus software, but you can’t protect all your IT infrastructure with one tool. To detect and defend, you’ll need a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. Combine employee security awareness training with physical security measures and put in place many layers of network and device defense, too.

#3 – Cybersecurity is IT’s job, not mine

Many businesses have a managed service provider (MSP) to keep them safe. These IT teams will work to secure your infrastructure and protect your data. They will put systems in place to detect threats and identify vulnerabilities. They can ensure appropriate data backup and do disaster recovery planning.

Still, IT experts (whether internal or external) are only one player in the battle. Your employees remain a weak link. They are the ones that may inadvertently download malware, fall for social engineering scams, or use easily guessed access credentials.

Your business needs to educate all employees about online safety and cybersecurity threats. Then, it’s everyone’s job to be aware and work to reduce risks to your business.

#4 – Too much cybersecurity will hurt our productivity

This won’t be true if you set up effective security policies and protocols. Add regular monitoring and authentication tools that provide security without adding friction for employees.

In fact, enhanced cybersecurity can actually help your productivity. It frees people up to work on other important business with less worry.

Avoid a false sense of security

Trusting any of these myths can leave your business vulnerable to attack. A data breach or IT downtime can be devastating. Don’t risk the worst. Instead, work with IT experts to handle your cybersecurity, backups, compliance, and more.

Attacks on The Rise

Sophisticated attacks are always on the rise. All companies should have a comprehensive cyber security risk management strategy and plan. It needs to be comprehensive and include learning sessions for employees.

VBS IT Services offers top-notch cyber security consulting in Toronto services. It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing a system from scratch or fortifying an existing one. Our experienced professionals are ready. Why not leverage our vast knowledge today by getting in touch with us? Click here to contact us.