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Business Continuity Planning in Markham

VBS IT Services

Top Five Elements of Business Continuity Planning in Markham

Excellent business continuity planning in Markham is another one of the services we provide. Our number one priority is simplifying small business solutions for businesses in Ontario. VBS IT Services specializes in customizing technology solutions for small to mid-size companies to improve productivity, security and the bottom line.

A good business continuity plan ensures maintained operations before and during unexpected disruptions. Generally, decision-makers strategize in advance to ride out:

  • natural disasters
  • man-made disasters
  • national emergencies
  • utility failures
  • sabotage
  • data breaches or cybersecurity attack
  • theft

These could impact a system or network or prevent you accessing your location to get to your computers and important data.

That said, here are the top five elements of business continuity planning that you should be aware of.

1) The Red Flags and Their Impacts

A thorough business impact analysis is the starting point. You’ll need to identify risks and vulnerabilities that exist both outside and inside your organization. These risks can include a variety of different events.

They can incorporate everything from major software interruptions to natural disasters like fire or flooding. A complete breakdown of an important supply chain needs to be considered.

An outline of all of these risks should include the possible consequences. That will allow you to determine some of the more important aspects like the cost.

2) Roles and Responsibilities

Business disruption needs to be met quickly and confidently. Resources, responsibilities, and roles need to be clearly defined. Identifying the people responsible for things like incident response is a critical for business continuity.

3) Highlight What’s Important

Small businesses also need to identify their critical functions. These need to be highlighted so the operation of your business continues regardless of an interruption. Prioritizing them is one of the keys. Business continuity planning in Markham also includes other elements like identifying a backup power supply or alternative work locations.

4) Communication

Having clear communication avenues is critical during any business interruption. You will also need to have a system to communicate with suppliers and customers to minimize any dissatisfaction.

5) Testing and Training

These plans are not just theory. They need to be put into action when needed and therefore tested continually. Your staff needs to be aware of all the elements of your plan.  For today’s modern business, planning for the inevitable data crisis is as important as what you sell. It’s critical that a disaster recovery plan also includes system recovery and hard drive backup features.

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Planning with an MSP Partner

Business continuity plans lay out how the business will move forward amidst disruption. Work with a managed services provider (MSP) to ensure your planning is comprehensive. Our IT experts can help enable remote work, set up data protection, and develop a backup setup.

VBS IT Services provides a number of outstanding features with our business continuity planning in Markham service. Customer satisfaction and success in all areas is our number one priority. Let us help you find the right solution that meets both your functional and budgetary needs.

Give us a call at 416-900-6852 or click here to put a business continuity plan in place, and be more confident you’re ready for whatever happens next.