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What Is Co-Managed Hybrid IT Services?

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What Is Co Managed Hybrid IT Services

Co-managed IT services or also referred to as hybrid IT services can be defined as model that allows businesses to blend their internal IT team with the support, knowledge, and expertise of a managed services partner (MSP). It allows organizations to customize their IT services to allow them to decide which services to keep in house and which would be better suited for outsourcing to an MSP.

As technology continues to evolve, organizations have been forced to adapt to fast changing IT landscapes. Companies have been forced to adopt hybrid IT solutions, a mix of on-premises infrastructure and cloud-based services, to keep up with the ever-growing demand for digital services and cybersecurity demands.

To be successful in business today you need technology and the expertise to manage it. Yet recruiting and retaining internal IT experts is challenging. Those who know how to support, secure, and scale technology assets are in high demand. That’s one reason many take advantage of co-managed hybrid IT service partners.

Co-managed IT sees your internal teamwork alongside a managed service provider (MSP). Together, you improve agility and better manage complex IT environments.

You choose what roles and responsibilities stay in-house and outsource the rest. This is useful if you have an understaffed or overworked internal IT team or when you’re struggling to keep up with demanding changing environments.

The co-managed IT approach offers several advantages:

  • increased efficiency
  • external expertise
  • improved business offerings
  • cost-effectiveness
  • enhanced end-user experience
  • better retention of internal IT staff
  • cyber security gains

We’ll discuss each in more detail next.

Increased Efficiency

Co-managed IT service providers can take on a range of technology tasks. This includes upgrading software, backing up and protecting data, and troubleshooting. They can also add or provide security, support cloud migration, and maintain servers.

You might also turn to co-managed IT to help with regulatory compliance or to manage remote locations. This route is also an expeditious way to support a growing company and meet an immediate need.

When you have specialized requirements, adapt quickly by partnering with an MSP with those skills. This saves you the time and effort needed to learn that new area or to hire new people.

External Expertise

An MSP brings a wealth of expertise to the table. They have experience managing IT infrastructure across a range of industries and have a deep understanding of the latest technological trends. By partnering with an MSP, organizations can tap into this expertise and benefit from best practices in the industry. They’ll also have experience with many different clients, and unique network infrastructures which could help identify fresh opportunities for your organization.

Cost Savings and Improved Business Offerings

Partnering with an MSP can be cost-effective for organizations. MSPs typically have economies of scale, which allow them to provide services at a lower cost than what it would cost an organization to manage their IT infrastructure in-house. Additionally, an MSP can help an organization optimize their IT infrastructure, which can result in cost savings over time.

Established MSPs focus on cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. They keep current on emerging technology trends and the ever-evolving threat landscape. Their insights can help you install best practices. You can learn how to streamline processes and improve outcomes.

You also gain an IT partner that wants to take the pressure off your internal team. This can help you achieve a competitive advantage.

What Services Can you Outsource?

  • Proactive preventive maintenance monitoring and vulnerability scanning
  • Windows and Mac automated patch management
  • Cybersecurity and network assessment and audit
  • Cybersecurity threat monitoring and protection
  • Cybersecurity employee awareness training
  • Penetration testing
  • Zero trust security
  • 24/7 helpdesk support
  • Incident response planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • Managed backup monitoring and testing
  • Cloud hosted servers and applications
  • Cloud services implementation and management
  • More…

Enhanced end-user Experience

When someone else is handling routine tasks, your IT can install top technologies. Giving your internal team freedom to innovate can also bring greater access to time savings and real-time insights for end users.

Co-managed IT can also provide your users with 24/7/365 support. There is a support system in place when your own internal IT staff members are sick or go on vacation.


Co-managed hybrid IT services offer a high level of flexibility for organizations. Since the internal IT team and the MSP are working together, they can easily scale services up or down based on the organization’s needs. This means that organizations can easily adapt to changes in demand and avoid overprovisioning or underprovisioning their IT infrastructure.

Better Retention of Internal IT Staff

By sharing IT responsibilities, you free your people up to focus on what matters most. Co-managing IT also provides a relief valve to take pressure off of overworked teams. Aligning with a partner to achieve goals can also enhance IT staff satisfaction.

Security gains

MSPs can help improve your cybersecurity posture by identifying unnecessary complexity. They provide a fresh look at your systems. Co-managed IT experts can monitor networks and install system protection, and they can handle security patches as well as software and hardware upgrades. These experts can also put preventative measures in place to avoid downtime, handle data backup, and prepare a disaster recovery plan. Additionally, MSPs can help organizations stay compliant with regulations and standards.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

MSPs offer proactive monitoring and maintenance services as part of their co-managed hybrid IT services. This means that they can identify potential issues before they become problems and take action to prevent downtime or other issues. Proactive monitoring and maintenance can help organizations minimize downtime and improve the overall reliability of their IT infrastructure.

Focus on Core Competencies

By partnering with an MSP for co-managed hybrid IT services, organizations can focus on their core competencies. Instead of spending time and resources managing their IT infrastructure, they can focus on their core business activities. This can result in improved efficiency and productivity for the organization.

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