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VBS IT: The Best IT Support Company in Toronto 

VBS IT Services

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Technology has a lot to offer to businesses in Toronto and beyond, but it can be complex to harness and use to lower costs, elevate efficiency, and achieve profitable growth. VBS IT offers market-leading IT services in Toronto that help businesses across Canada to unlock these benefits. In this blog, we explore what makes us different as an IT support provider, and how we can help your business simplify and realign its IT to achieve even greater commercial success.  

About VBS IT  

Founded in 2007 by Miguel Ribero, VBS was created with the aim of simplifying and optimizing the IT of businesses to empower their growth and success. As the business has grown over the years, serving businesses in Toronto with IT support, we have developed to become specialists in business process automation, owing to a personal experience that Miguel had in 2012.  

In 2012 after suffering a concussion that took him out of work for a year, Miguel realized the importance of having systems that take care of themselves. From businesses processes to cyber security measures, Miguel saw an opportunity to help businesses enjoy a range of benefits that AI and automation can offer, as a result of seeing how these systems helped to maintain VBS’s momentum despite his absence.  

Alongside our end-to-end suite of IT support services and specialism in creating automated processes and streamlined business systems, we are also leaders in cyber security. We have consistently been recognized as one of the top 50 best managed services companies in Canada, and achieved the best security company in Canada award in 2019. We’re here to act as a trusted technology partner to businesses, enabling them to achieve secure, sustained and profitable growth. 

What Makes Us Different? 

There are a few key reasons why VBS is a different kind of IT support provider to businesses in Toronto and beyond, these are:  

We Simplify Technology, While Making it Empower Your Business 

Technology can help to elevate the efficiency, collaboration and productivity of businesses through smarter systems integration. VBS are specialists in business process automation and designing and implementing unified systems that bring workflows together, making it easier to manage and assess the performance of your business, while empowering your people to do their best work. In everything that we do, we make technology simple and accessible for businesses, removing the main barrier to tapping into its full potential.  

Our Solutions are Always Tailored  

No two businesses are the same, so our solutions reflect this. We work closely with your business from the start to understand how it works, your goals and needs, and the best solution that can offer the most value according to your budgetary requirements. We believe tailored solutions are essential for delivering the best value to each business, so all our IT services reflect this.  

We’re a complete IT solutions provider 

We offer the full scope of support for getting the best out of your technology. From day-to-day helpdesk support, monitoring and maintenance, to IT projects, implementing systems and automations, and industry-grade cyber security. We provide the full complement of tools you need to minimize downtime, increase productivity, and achieve strategic growth.  

We’re Technology Partners 

If you’re looking for a friendly technology partner in Toronto and the wider Ontario province that you can closely consult with to drive your strategic success, look no further! At VBS, we value creating deep and value-driven relationships. We value relationships over contracts, and bring this approach as an accessible, friendly and trustworthy partner that you can turn to for strategic support, alongside support for your day-to-day operations. 

Our IT Services for Toronto and Ontario’s Businesses 

We group our services into these key categories, which are all delivered in a tailored way for our clients:  

IT Support & Consulting: Our IT support and consulting services enable businesses to reduce downtimes, IT costs, and to improve the performance of their IT environment, while providing empowering IT support, delivered by a friendly and passionate team.  

Cloud Services and Apps: From managing hosting and conducting cloud migrations, to implementing and supporting cloud workplace solutions like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, these services enable businesses to create a more efficient, scalable and cost-efficient IT environment. 

Cybersecurity: We protect your users, devices and systems from unwanted threats by implementing industry-grade, multi-layered cybersecurity protections across your business.  

Workflow solutions: One of our most unique solutions, we’re able to help your business automate workflows and connect them together into a wider operating system. This will unlock productivity, lower costs, and facilitate better visibility across your operational environment.  

Championing Diversity and Inclusivity 

Our team consists of experienced immigrants from Portugal, Greece, the Philippines as well as Canadians. We believe that embracing a diverse workforce is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage. We hold these values close to our heart, and enshrine them as a business to do our part in creating a more equal and accepting community.  

Proud To Deliver Game-Changing IT Support in Toronto: Trust VBS

Our IT services help businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, Markham and Richmond Hill transform technology into an empowering asset for their success and profitable growth. Our expert team of friendly IT Support & Cybersecurity specialists keeps your day-to-day IT running efficiently and smoothly, while empowering your strategic success and Cybersecurity. With a unique offering that configures and integrates CRM capabilities with your existing tools and workflows, we help businesses to sharpen their competitive edge.

Curious to see the difference that VBS can deliver for your business and goals? Digital excellence is just a click away!