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How IT Support Providers Boost Business Growth

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Leveraging IT Support in Toronto for Business Growth

The times of break-fix IT are over! Today, there’s quite a lot of IT support providers that help businesses to use technology to grow and achieve their strategic goals. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), holistic, top-notch IT support services can be a game-changer, helping them overcome resource constraints and catalyze scalable growth.

They can do this by helping businesses to lower costs, implement new tools and automations, integrate their channels and tech together, and get the best from their IT assets’ performance and lifecycle more broadly. This piece explores how they do this for growing businesses, helping them to expand on their success.

Infrastructure: A Foundation for Business Expansion

Unreliable, slow and fragmented IT is a sure recipe for disaster in any business that desires to consistently please their customers and grow. A number of IT support providers in Toronto can not only take care of making sure that your devices and apps are working with speed and reliability, but they can also take care of your cybersecurity, software integrations, and optimizing your network infrastructure’s performance and scalability.

As the foundation for your IT environment, your infrastructure such as internet services, cabling and network architecture, are integral to your business’s efficiency. Your infrastructure affects the speed of your business and impacts on productivity. A team of IT support specialists can make all the difference for helping your business to achieve more, using less.

Boosting Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity and efficiency are crucial for creating profitable growth and serving your customers at increasing scale. Technology has a prime role to play in this. There are a number of things that most IT support providers can help growing businesses to implement to support these improvements:

Modern cloud workplace solutions

Cloud platforms such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 bring a suite of productivity tools under one real-time platform. The capabilities they unlock include real time document editing, AI-driven assistance with tasks like searching for documents and creating them, and powerful integrations with third party software such as CRMs.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting solutions enable businesses to lower their costs and enhance the scalability and performance of their services by using the data and service hosting solutions of cloud providers. So instead of having manually maintained on-premise servers to host data and services, they can instead be hosted with a specialist third party. On top of this, the IT support provider takes care of managing and optimizing this infrastructure.

These benefits are unlocked because it enables businesses to have their data and computing power expanded in real time with their needs. Additionally, it offers a precise monthly pay for what you use model that also requires no big upfront investments into new server hardware or the need to take up office space.

Many IT support providers are able to support cloud and hybrid hosting solutions for businesses of a range of sizes.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Modern telephony solutions are a great IT investment for growing businesses today. Compared to leased line connection solutions that operate from cabled connections, VoIP is able to work over an internet connection with any smart device, making it less costly, more flexible, and scalable. Another key advantage is that it includes more features compared to traditional telephony, such as voicemail to email and the ability to integrate with software such as CRMs.

Connectivity and Networking

A potentially great solution for boosting speeds, service reliability, and scalability in your business is by upgrading your cabled internet solution, whether they be leased lines or fiber optic broadband. Networking audits and architecture services can also uncover actual and potential bottlenecks in your network and help you to ensure it is secure, scalable, and able to meet your growth needs effectively.


For businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, Markham and Richmond Hill, IT support services are not just about fixing broken things and maintaining what does work, they also are about promoting profitable and secure growth! An IT support provider can help your business to tap into new technologies and solutions that help it to maximize its efficiency, value and scalability. In short, they can help you to translate technology into competitive advantage for your business. Curious to see what this can look like for your business? Get in touch with VBS, we’d be glad to listen to your needs and to help you to move forward.

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