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The MSP Checklist for Toronto’s Businesses: 6 Factors to consider when choosing an IT Support Provider

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Technology presents a non-negotiable opportunity for most businesses today to drive more productivity and profitable growth. Harnessed correctly, technology enables businesses to achieve more using less, and to sharpen their competitive edge.

The problem is that technical barriers can get in the way of harnessing it to its full potential, and this is where a managed IT service provider can be of great help, but they are not created equal!

Great IT support providers deliver reliable, tailored and personable IT support and technology solutions that cover the breadth and depth of your tech needs, but how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? When it comes to finding IT support in Toronto and beyond, the decision you make could shape the future of your business.

We’ve made a handy checklist of the top six factors to consider when selecting your next IT support partner that you can use regardless of whether you are local to Toronto or are further afield. This guide can help you to find a fortuitous match for your business!

1. Customization is Key

A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works in the world of IT. This isn’t exclusive to finding IT support in Toronto, it’s a global trend. In the past, more rigid and one size fits all approaches were common, but with the diversity of businesses and solutions available today, this kind of approach can no longer do justice to each business.

So it’s essential to find an IT support provider that’s flexible enough to tailor their services to your unique business needs, one that can bring nuanced, in-depth solutions for your business.

Whether you need specific functionality in your systems or a comprehensive package that includes virtual Chief Information Officer services to empower your regulatory compliance, the right provider will be able to both cater to your needs, but also craft a customized plan that ensures each aspect of their service adds tangible value to your business.

2. Transparent and Competitive Pricing

IT support pricing models vary, from pay-as-you-go to all-inclusive packages with a fixed monthly fee. The latter often offers better value for money, as providers that offer it often incorporate unlimited support, remote monitoring, maintenance, backup, and recovery services into the deal.

This approach ensures predictable billing and peace of mind that IT issues won’t lead to unexpected costs. However, you should always be careful to read the fine print for service exclusions to confirm that the deal is as beneficial as it appears.

3. Their Expertise Aligns with Your Technology, Vendors, and Sector

Match your chosen provider’s expertise with your technological needs. If your business uses a mix of Macs and PCs, you’ll want an IT support provider that is adept in both. For Microsoft 365 users too, a specialist in Microsoft products is essential. While if you’re looking for in-site IT support in Toronto, a provider that can offer this responsively will be your best bet!

Look out for providers with relevant certifications, accreditations, and a track record of continual staff training in the vendors that you use. Do they also serve businesses in your sector and/or specialize in serving them?

Providers that are familiar with businesses similar to yours are more likely to understand your specific challenges and can help you to tap into the full potential benefits that technology can offer to your business more quickly.

4. They Have Expertise in Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are growing in their number and sophistication. They may not show up in the headlines as much, but SMEs are no exception to being targeted by cyber criminals today.

Regardless of whether you’re Toronto based like us or elsewhere across the world, the global nature of cyber-crime has made cybersecurity a hot topic today. Choosing an IT support provider with a solid focus on cybersecurity can be a boon for your business.

Look out for services that include firewall protection, anti-malware tools, email protection against phishing, proactive patch management, and robust data backup and recovery solutions.

5. Strategic Technology Alignment

Select a provider that sees technology as a tool for achieving your business goals. Gone are the days of the break-fix model, a good cadre of IT support providers today are able to support businesses like yours with using technology to complement your strategic goals.

In essence, they translate technical complexity into competitive advantage. Look out for offerings surrounding technology integration, IT consulting, and digital transformation, these are flags that a provider can cater to your strategic IT needs.

6. Proof of Excellence

Finally, don’t just take their word for it. Explore client testimonials, case studies, and online reviews. References from businesses that are similar to yours can be particularly insightful. This will give you a clearer picture of the providers’ commitment to exceptional service.


If you’re feeling underserved by your current IT support in Toronto, it might be time to look for a provider that aligns better with your business’s needs. If you’re a business considering getting IT support for the first time, we equally hope this guide has been of use. By carefully evaluating potential providers against these criteria, you can ensure that your next IT partner is well-equipped to support your business and complement its strategic success.

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