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The Story Behind Our CRM Implementation Service

VBS IT Services

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Some of the businesses that we talk to get rather curious when they see that an MSP is offering CRM implementation services. It’s something that stands us out from many other MSPs,

Miguel’s Story

Armed with a laptop and big dreams, our founder Miguel created VBS IT in 2007 to help businesses to exploit the exciting world of possibilities that technology offers to them. He saw that simple, cost-effective, and integrated technology could give the keys for small and medium sized businesses to sharpen their competitive edge and punch above their weight in the market.

Miguel realised early on that this was also key for scaling and enabling a business to run by itself. As Miguel took on more clients and built up a team, a life-changing event struck that affirmed the vital role of great systems in any business.

A Life-Altering Moment

In 2012, Miguel suffered a concussion that kept him away from work for a full year, a situation that would worry any business owner – ‘will my team be okay and supported?’, can my business take care of itself?’, and ‘how will this affect our clients?’ were just some of the questions that Miguel asked initially as he began his journey to recovery.

The astounding thing was, the business was able to answer these questions for him!

Backed by a wonderful team, because we already had a CRM and cybersecurity system and processes in place, the business was able to keep operating and growing without Miguel needing to be there. We realized systems like a CRM are not just tools, they’re a lifeline that keep a business thriving!

It’s About Simplifying Technology!

We’ve always been about making technology simple and effective, and over our years of service we have strived to connect empowering technology with better business operations. We have found Zoho CRM to be our top-choice for driving improvements in areas like customer support, marketing, sales, collaboration, and much more.

So how do we enshrine the lessons from our history and experience for our clients?

Sell And Achieve More, Using Less, With Zoho CRM

Curious to see how a CRM can uniquely benefit your business? Need advice or guidance? VBS can help. We’re specialists in Zoho CRM, one of the world’s smartest and comprehensive CRMs on the market. Discover the potential that your business can unleash by booking a discovery meeting with Miguel today.

“I recently had The Zoho CRM and email platform implemented for my business. Miguel and his team at VBS IT Services Inc. were extremely professional and knowledgable while getting me started with my new platform! I highly recommend talking to them to see how they can help you too!”

  • Claudio Pogliari

What Does Our CRM Service Offer? What Are The Benefits?

Far more than just setting up software, our CRM implementation service is about understanding your goals, and making the most of the levers that a CRM can offer to bring your business closer to achieving them. These goals may be simplified workflows, lower costs, improved customer relationships, and conversion rates, or driving efficiency and productivity.

All of these are things a CRM can help you with, and we’re careful to tailor the implementation exactly for your business. It’s all about creating a system that works for your business, and certainly not the other way around!

To do this, we work closely with your business throughout the process, tailoring the way the CRM works around your business, taking care of setting it up, making sure it works as intended, and offering ongoing support so that you get the best from it both now, and in the future.

Our Personal Touch in a Digital World

What sets us apart is our personal touch; after all, technology is really about people! Whether it’s our IT support, a cloud migration, or implementation of a CRM, we pride ourselves on building a relationship with our clients and supporting them as best as we can. It’s not just rewarding for us; it gives our clients the best possible value.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, that’s why we offer our CRM implementation service! It’s built on our lived experience, knowledge of technology, and our commitment to helping businesses to succeed. If you’re curious about the service and what it can do for you, please do get in touch with Miguel. We’d be glad to talk it through with you and answer any questions you have in a no-obligation chat.

Proud To Deliver Game-Changing IT Support in Toronto: Trust VBS

Our IT services help businesses in Toronto and beyond transform technology into an empowering asset for their success and profitable growth. Our expert team of friendly IT Support & Cybersecurity specialists keeps your day-to-day IT running efficiently and smoothly, while empowering your strategic success and Cybersecurity. With a unique offering that configures and integrates CRM capabilities with your existing tools and workflows, we help businesses to sharpen their competitive edge.

Curious to see the difference that VBS can deliver for your business and goals? Digital excellence is just a click away!