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How do hackers attack?

This is how easily your business can be breached.

Watch as an ethical hacker quickly compromises three PCs

Hackers attempting to access your IT systems are one of the biggest hazards to your company today.

By installing spyware, which distributes data from your device to others without your knowledge or agreement, they may get information directly from a computer.

All organisations are constantly attacked by cybercriminals thanks to automated systems.

They seek to steal your information, including logins, or worse, keep it hostage in exchange for hefty payments.

We requested an ethical hacker to launch several sorts of assaults on three separate machines.

We made a movie that showed the hacker's perspective as well as what was happening on the victim's PC.

Watch as an ethical hacker quickly compromises three PCs

The hacker encrypts all of your data in this initial attack, and you must pay a hefty ransom to recover it.

The hacker utilises a bogus login gateway in this second attempt to trick you into disclosing your login information. Although it is difficult to imagine, this does happen on a daily basis.

And in this last assault, the hacker explains why it’s crucial to constantly keep your operating system and applications updated with the most recent patch patches.

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If these videos scare you, we understand because they scared us too… because we see the effects of these attacks every day

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