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Referral Program.

Become a VBS Referral Partner. Refer new clients to VBS and earn $50 cash for each qualified referral and up to $1,000 total if your referral turns into a client!

Finding technology solutions that can support your individual business needs shouldn’t be frustrating

At VBS IT Services, our goal is to help you stay competitive by boosting efficiency and cutting costs. That’s why our priority is to tailor IT solutions that are just right for your unique goals and budgetary needs. We take the time to understand your market and your risks, then provide your workforce with efficient, productive, and profitable IT solutions that they need to succeed.

At VBS IT Services, we believe that we can help you and your friends, family, and business partners get better business technology. If you know someone who is worried about any aspect of their office IT, do them a favor and put them in touch with us.

img 24 7 365 technology

24/7/365 technology monitoring and maintenance

Our technicians are keeping an eye on your technology at all times

Increased productivity

Better solutions and minimal downtime will result in higher productivity

img comprehensive cybersecurity

Comprehensive cybersecurity

We’ll implement and monitor all the cybersecurity solutions your business needs to stay safe and secure

img peace of mind

Peace of mind

Our experienced engineers will manage your office IT so can focus on other areas of your business without any qualms

How the Referral Program Works

Just submit qualified referrals using our referral form at the bottom of this page. For each referral you send us, we’ll email you a confirmation. Then, just sit back and wait for a check in the mail. It’s that easy.
A qualified referral is a lead that is actively seeking IT support or a new phone system. Minimum requirements are a single server and 10 workstations for IT or 10 phones or more for a phone system. They need to be a business located in the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener, Waterloo, or London area and be interested in a free network assessment and proposal for IT services or phone system. You don’t have to figure out what they need — just send us the contact information and we’ll do the rest.
We work with both business owners and employees. This means that we can make the check out to you personally or to your business.

If we are able to connect with your referral and submit a proposal, you get $50 within 15 days. It doesn’t matter whether they turn into a client or not, and you can submit as many referrals as you’d like. But that’s just the beginning. When we close the deal and your referral becomes a client, we’ll send you a BONUS. We’ll pay you a percentage of the first month’s contract, up to $1,000*.

*Bonus paid after the client has been active for 60 days and has paid their first invoice.