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Are you concerned about ransomware, your computer network #ITsecurity and protecting your important private information? Heimdal security ransomware virus protection can help.

Heimdal Security software uses “Autonomous Protection” technology to protect your computers and entire network with hyper security screening. The three engines focus on mitigating vulnerabilities automatically, they block incoming Ransomware virus attacks and prevent spreading, while also detecting threats that antivirus and firewalls can’t. The built in predictive technology protects the computer from all entry points including, internet browsing, email, external drives, the network and even updates vulnerable outdated software patches for maximum #ITsecurity protection.

Protect your computers from malicious and disruptive viruses such as Ransomware, cryptolocker and other cyber attacks with the best computer security software.

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Hopefully you will never have to experience a Ransomware or Cryptolocker virus contamination or network intrusion. However, the reality is that it’s a mater of time before it happens to you.Here are some shocking statistics:

  • Roughly 32% of computers world wide are infected
  • 53% of computer users have experienced a computer infection at some point
  • User lost $2,300,000,000 due to malware infections in 2011
  • Adobe Reader and Java are the most targeted applications
  • Spam email and internet downloads are the most common sources of contamination


You may be vigilant yourself, but not all of your employees are. The contamination starts with one user opening the wrong email or clicking on the wrong website. Once their system is contaminated, it will spread to others. Before you know it, your entire network is down.

IT security is a serious matter. Its predicted that things will get much worst and most organizations are not properly protected. Users are not well informed and even when they are, they can make costly mistakes that can shut down the entire organization.

Heimdal Security software is quiet possibly the best Ransomware and Cryptolocker virus protection and prevention software available today. It will protect your computers from cyber security threats and prevent the spread of malware that could shut down your network.

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