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Ransomware cryptolocker virus

Everything is gone and you can’t access any of your systems.

How are you going to work?

It can happen literally with one click of a mouse, when your business isn’t properly protected and prepared. It was exactly what happened to a company that called us frantically needing our help.

A Ransomware Virus contaminated the entire network of computers, including servers across multiple locations.

In the morning, no one in the organization could work. No one could access quotes, work orders or files. The computers were nonfunctional.

Panic set in as everyone tried to see what they could recover.

The organization stood still. Customer calls inquiring about orders could not be dealt with. Staff didn’t know what they should tell customers and everything came to a halt.

The realization set in. Paying the ransom was out of the question and the Ransomware Virus cleanup began. It was a tedious job that involved a team of IT people working many hours for a period of 2 weeks to clean all devices across multiple locations throughout North America.

It was a costly clean up. There was the cost of repair, but also lost business and productivity as employees could not work. It was a difficult time for everyone, including employees, customers that had to wait and IT people struggling to cleanup/recover as quickly as possible.

This was an unfortunate incident that occurred to a company that thought they were protected and thought they had a proper backup. They discovered that they didn’t have a business continuity plan to prevent downtime and protect their business.

Hopefully you will never have to experience a Ransomware or Cryptolocker virus contamination or network intrusion. However, the reality is that it’s a matter of time before it happens to you.

Here are some shocking statistics:

  • Roughly 32% of computers world wide are infected
  • 53% of computer users have experienced a computer infection at some point
  • User lost $2,300,000,000 due to malware infections in 2011
  • Adobe Reader and Java are the most targeted applications
  • Spam email and internet downloads are the most common sources of contamination

Already have your own solution in place? It may not be enough.

By adding another layer of protection that is low cost and activity monitors your computer, your Internet activity, files, stops you from going to malicious websites, you can prevent Ransomware and the spread of other viruses and malware.

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How does Your Computer Security Measure UP?

Technology changes rapidly and new vulnerabilities show up every day. If you don’t pay attention to computer security, you could be leaving your systems wide open and exposed. These are some questions to consider:

  • Do I know if my computer network has a strong firewall?
  • Are strong passwords being used?
  • Is my wireless network properly secure?
  • Are my computers using outdate vulnerable unpatched software?
  • Are my servers or workstations exposed to hackers?
  • Are computer users able to install whatever software they want?

These are some of the questions you might want to ask yourself. If you don’t know the answers, we’ll gladly help you. Contact us for a free security audit by clicking on the button below.

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