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What is Included in Managed Services

VBS IT Services

VBS IT Services managed IT service provider

Running your own in-house IT support staff can be prohibitively expensive for small business. And not having a partner can lead to unexpected surprises or costly downtime. However, a managed IT services provider in Toronto can lighten the IT budget burden with a more fixed cost approach to managing your IT support needs.

Outsourcing your IT support to a managed services provider saves you needing to pay an in-house IT staff or pay a person per hour, and will connect you with industry-leading IT expertise for a fraction of the cost of employing a CTO.



What will a Managed IT Service Provider do For Your Business?

A reputable IT managed services provider will:

  • Look after the entire maintenance of computers, phone system, cloud solutions and software.
  • Ensure software patches are all up to date for optimal reliability and security.
  • Provide 24/7 helpdesk support to your employees.
  • Backup your critical data and provide a business continuity plan.
  • Protect your computer from cyber security breaches.
  • Recommend the technology solutions to optimize your business.
  • Implement upgrades or new technologies to better serve your team.
  • Help keep your IT infrastructure humming and your people productive.

The service is a fixed monthly package subscription model, which means you pay a monthly fee for an agreed set of IT support services, making IT cost predictable and easier to budget.

Where can I use managed it services?

Managed service companies are particularly helpful for managing your systems including, servers, workstations, network infrastructure, cloud solutions and protecting your data. Consistency in these areas is key as small business requires high productivity and a reliable network for many mission-critical processes to be competitive and continue to grow the bottom line.

Providers that offer business process automation technologies such as CRM, can also help streamline your business by reducing process labour costs to help your team better serve your customers and be highly competitive.

Where is the value?

Return on investment (ROI) is top of mind for most small business owners considering engaging a managed services provider as a partner. The good news is that partnering with a reputable and experienced managed IT services provider in Toronto will deliver significant value to your business.

Improved reliability

Working with a provider is the fastest way to close any skills gaps in your in-house IT staff. They have the up-to-the-minute expertise to keep your IT systems performing at optimal levels, especially with predictive and proactive maintenance systems to prevent downtime.

Cyber security protection you can trust

Cyber security is serious business concern and a managed service provider can help ensure you’re meeting your compliance responsibilities. With cyber security protection, user education and data backup services, so you can trust that your data will be appropriately secured.

Cost savings

Look for a managed services provider that can audit your existing IT infrastructure and recommend ways to streamline or automate your operations. This will likely lead to cost savings in future hardware and software deployments and cut down on the amount of IT labor required.

Better vendor deals

Managed IT services providers in Toronto have existing relationships with hardware and software vendors, and are likely able to negotiate better deals for you. As well as offer more options that will match your business needs and budget.

Many people think that Managed Service Providers mainly keep the digital bad guys away from your business. However, an MSP can help your business grow through time savings, greater productivity, and business innovation.




When assessing an IT provider, look for companies that are interested in understanding how your business operates over and above selling you a list of standard services. A great partner will take a proactive approach to add value to your business, and this requires an intimate understanding of how your organizational processes fit together.

The keyword here is ‘strategic.’ The better managed service providers will strive to improve your overall IT operations, not just sign you up for generic support and maintenance services.

Partner with the right managed IT services provider in Toronto and you’ll connect your business to the latest IT expertise and innovation that has traditionally been reserved for enterprise companies. Having the right partner will help improve computer systems reliability, optimize productivity, reduce costs and grow your business.