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Importance of Cybersecurity for Businesses in Toronto

VBS IT Services

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Small businesses need cybersecurity to protect their privacy, client trust, and integrity such as financial, employee, and data integrity. The most common threats are attacks launched through phishing email, ransomware, even insider threat attacks.

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How can you protect your small business against cybersecurity attacks?

Cybersecurity has always been a serious headache for businesses. Every day, business owners carry a considerable security burden and constantly worry about being hacked and potentially dealing with downtime, reputation damage, loss of productivity and lost revenue.

The fact is, 71% of data breaches happen to small business and 95% are caused by employee mistakes, while rushing to complete their work. And if they do not protect themselves properly, 60% of businesses risk losing everything and going out of business.

You can protect your small business from cybersecurity breaches by taking steps to improve your cybersecurity hygiene such as:
1- Ongoing cybersecurity employee awareness training. Learn about the benefits of training.
2- Implement phishing email protection. Click here to read about tips to avoid phishing emails.
3- Ensure you have ransomware protection
4- Do not open suspicious emails
5- Backup all your data, including cloud applications and test you backup

Need Help?

We are VBS IT Services, an award-winning cybersecurity consulting firm in Toronto. Protecting your business is not our just our job, it’s our responsibility. Since inception, we’ve helped many small businesses in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill defend themselves against ransomware, phishing attacks and cybersecurity data breaches.

So, whether you need an extra layer of protection for a specific part of your IT, or a complete cybersecurity system from the ground up, our security professionals are always ready to help.

Our cybersecurity consulting services include: data security, ransomware protection, phishing email security, vulnerability and dark web monitoring and 24/7 cybersecurity threat monitoring. We provide effective, IT security solutions and tailor every service according to your unique requirements and budgetary needs.

Contact us for a free consultation today! Call 1-877-709-2656. Come let us show you what stress-free IT feels like.