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Decoding Cyber Threat Sources

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Understanding Cyber Threats

In our previous articles we explored, what cyber threats are and the different types of attack that jeopardize your systems – we will now explore where those attacks come from and some of the best tools and methods for enterprise cyber security.

Cyber threats come from a number of different people, from different places, with a variety of different contexts. There are a number of criminal organizations that are run like corporations with teams dedicated to causing carnage and executing attacks.

Some are as follows:

  • Nation-states
  • Terrorists
  • Industrial spies
  • Organized crime groups
  • Unhappy insiders
  • Hackers
  • Business competitors

Whole nations use so-called “cyber weapons” to cause carnage in enemy territory, they can shut off electricity during a war, release fake news on reputable outlets, or a number of different illicit activities.

Of course this scale of cyber threat won’t affect your business, but those that are bought and sold on the Dark Web can. The Dark Web is a marketplace for cyber criminality, aspiring hackers use it to buy different types of Ransomware, Malware, and other tools to facilitate cyber attacks.

We will now explore some of the best practice cyber defenses for businesses, in the process hopefully putting you in good stead to defend your systems.

Best Tools for Enterprise Cyber Defense

The modern market is saturated with new technologies and services that make it easier to mount an effective defense against cyber threats.

Outsourced security services

This is the most influential one, there are companies out there that are extremely skilled in security, a lot of which are experts in their field. Contact a member of our team if you are interested in outsourcing your cyber security measures.

Threat Detection Tools

An important part of your cyber security stack is threat detection tools. This is one of the first points of the stack that come into action, they will alert you when something suspicious is found lurking in your company network.

To learn more about cyber security, the tools you can implement in your organization, and the effect a lack of cyber security measures can have on an organization, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Helping you Improve your Cyber Security

By trusting us with your IT needs we will get your organization ready to succeed in the modern digital workplace. Our experience in working with small businesses in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area allows us to ensure that you can increase revenue, secure your data, and always operate at peak performance in the most secure way possible. You will also be able to communicate with your clients, colleagues, and suppliers alike. All of this can be achieved to the very highest standard. Contact us now to find out what else we can do to improve your IT landscape and bring you even more benefits from your IT going forward.