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Markham Cyber security Assessment

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IT Support - cyber security risk assessment

VBS IT Services can help you head off any damaging data breaches with a good cyber security risk assessment in Markham.  Our number one priority is helping your small business maintain 99% uptime. We look at your cyber security as a responsibility.

Hackers never rest. Even if you’re using security features such as multi factor authentication or strong secure passwords, technology is susceptible to hacking. Here are just a few of the security issues we come across.

Unauthorized Logins

These are usually the result of what’s called a brute force login. That’s where an attacker runs through billions of potential password/ user combinations. Once an unauthorized login is found and corrected, there are a few suggested quick fixes to prevent it from reoccurring.  

  • A strong password is one of the best defenses against this type of brute force attack. Avoid using any real words like a proper noun including your dog’s name. Use password phrases with a minimum of 16 mixed characters, that include upper and lower case, numbers and symbols.
  • Two-factor authentication is another way to prevent these kinds of hacks. That requires users to use a separate device to verify their login.

Some of the other issues a cyber security risk assessment in Markham can help to prevent include damaging malware software. 


This is a generic term that includes any kind of bad software that hackers place on websites through code or files. These are quite often pieces of code that are inserted into a system, program, or application. Malware viruses can do several bad things including sending infected files to people in your contact list, seizing applications, and even launching ransomware attacks.

Direct Messages and Email Attachments

There are several different types including Worm and Trojan viruses. The last variety are often spread through direct messages, website downloads, or email attachments.

Businesses should be looking to add an extra layer of cybersecurity software. Avoiding suspicious websites, and links in unfamiliar emails also helps as does adjusting your spam filters.

The Front Line of Defense

A cyber security risk assessment in Markham is on the front line of defense. Using our services means that you’ll get 24/7 threat monitoring that can identify the type of structural weaknesses hackers might exploit. We can help you identify outdated software, operating systems and vulnerabilities on your entire network with a detailed gap analysis delivered to you in a language you’ll understand. Plus we include a remediation roadmap that includes estimated budgetary pricing, so you can plan your next move.

Contact us to learn more at 416-900-6852 or TF 1-877-709-2656 or click here.

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