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Cybersecurity Training in Richmond Hill

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Cyber Security Employee Training in Richmond Hill

Cybersecurity is essential to making sure your business succeeds.  Cyber security employee training is a big part of getting that right.  Attacks are growing more sophisticated and increasing at an alarming rate.

Educating your employees about what they should be looking for is essential.  Here are some big reasons why cybersecurity employee training in Richmond Hill matters. 

Awareness is Essential

Human error plays a big role in cyberattacks. 92% of data breaches are caused by human error. Another reason security goes hand in hand with the right training. Employee training also gives you a chance to stress important aspects like:

  • Employees will learn about the latest sources of ransomware attacks, how to be aware of the signs and how it will affect their work, the company and how it can spread. Being aware is the first line of defense.
  • Phishing emails are a huge risk to the organization. Employees will learn about the latest scams, how to spot and avoid these emails, what to do if they’re suspicious of an email.
  • Password security. This type of training allows an organization to teach their employees the importance of guarding passwords. Professional guidance will show everyone in your organization how to set one correctly. Those include combinations of numbers and letters as well as symbols.
  • Safe browsing is often overlooked by employees, as they rush to gather information to complete their work. Employees will learn how to spot suspicious websites and what to do in the event that they’ve landed on a malicious site.
  • Training also helps everyone to understand how to report and identify any cyber security threats. The people who work for you are your eyes and ears. Every email they receive or device they use might contain a virus or lurking malware. The first step is educating your employees on what to look for. Then everyone should know how to report suspicious red flags.


Cybersecurity employee training in Richmond Hill helps your organization to set policies that work. The browsing habits and emails that your employees send can expose you to risks. That’s why it’s important to have guidelines and policies put in place for social media platforms, the internet and email.

Empower employees to become the superhuman firewall that your business needs. With ongoing cybersecurity awareness training that includes individual employee secure scores, so you can identify the weakest link and strengthen it.

Training should include aspects of social engineering, database security and network protocols. It’s important that everyone in your organization understands all of the latest threats. 

Cloud Security

For example, many organizations think that the cloud has become more secure as time has passed. However, recent reports cite the fact that vulnerabilities have increased at least 150% in the last several years, especially since more people are working from home.

Another noted survey reported that almost all of the 29,000 attacks that were reported were caused by web app breaches that could have been avoided.

Another area of concern are mobile device vulnerabilities. The Covid-19 pandemic caused an uptick in mobile device usage. A larger population of people using these devices means more targets for cybercrime.

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