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vCIO MSP Services: Is a Virtual CIO Right for You?

VBS IT Services

vcio virtual chief infromation officer

Let’s start with the definition of a vCIO: a Virtual Chief Information Officer, or vCIO, is a person who provides consultation for your technology strategy as a third-party MSP (Managed Service Provider), as opposed to an in-house CIO employee.

As a business, hiring an MSP for proactive tech support is an excellent advantage to help grow your business. But, if tech support is all that your current MSP provides your organization, you could be missing out. This is where virtual CIO services comes into play.

Typical MSP partnerships involve consistent monitoring of your IT infrastructure, with services such as:

  • antivirus software management to ensure it is up to date (or that you have one that’s best for you in the first place)
  • Install and manage firewalls and other cybersecurity protection
  • Handle tech updates and ensure patches are up to date to reduce vulnerabilities
  • Backup data and monitor it for successful completion, plus test backups


Some MSPs will stop there. However, you may need to enhance your perspective of what an IT provider can offer your business and consider a Virtual CIO to drive strategy, save money, and insure safe, smooth operations.


What are vCIO Services?

Officers within your Chief suite are experts and leaders in their focus areas. The vCIO collaborates within IT departments and performs the same functions as a conventional CIO, but virtually. They’re invested in your business’s success and specialize in technology and cybersecurity.

  • A virtual CIO managed services analyzes your IT systems for frailties, to suggest improvements that align with business objectives.
  • A vCIO MSP suggests process and security reworks through critical analysis of your IT infrastructure.
  • Analyzing your business objectives to formulate a long-term technology goal and create a strategy road map to plan in advance and avoid surprises.


MSP’s are more concentrated on delivery of services, while the vCIO takes a more forward- looking approach; working with additional decision-making authority within your organization as an extension of your leadership team. The vCIO can produce an IT budget which works towards reducing your business expenses and is focused of operational efficiency to maximize profitability and grow the bottom line. One form of cost reduction is relationship building; vCIO’s build strategic and important connections with vendors, which ensures the best rates and services for your business. (Note: working with a vCIO rather than hiring a traditional CIO already brings savings to your business.)

What Value Does a vCIO Provide?

The IT professionals taking on your vCIO role should bring a wide array of knowledge and expertise to the table. This includes:

  • Wide-spread knowledge of technology trends to understand what will best serve your organization
  • The capability to align your IT strategy to your business goals
  • Project planning and management skills to ensure completion on time and within reach
  • Experience in cost optimization and measuring crucial performance indicator metrics
  • Capability and willingness to unite effectively with teams throughout the business
  • Communication skills to report to business stakeholders

Our MSP your vCIO

Some MSPs steer clear of planning and strategizing. Traditional IT support companies are a lot like fire fighters; reacting to issues that have already caused downtime. At VBS IT Services, our IT professionals are here to add immense value to your business. Partner with us in the vCIO role, we will be extremely supportive and assist with a technology direction to help you grow your business.

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