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Windows 10 Support Ends in 2025: Get Prepared

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Windows 10 Support ends 2023 - VBS IT

Windows 10 was released back in 2015 and after years of service, support from Microsoft for this operating system will be coming to an end. In this blog we will explain everything that you need to know so that you can prepare your business to make the transition.


Businesses Are Preparing to Move to Windows 11

Like other operating systems that came before it, such as Windows 7 and Vista, Windows 10 will eventually be taken into Microsoft’s graveyard of unsupported operating systems. For businesses, making the switch to Windows 11 will become increasingly crucial in order to maintain up to date security features.

Launched in the Autumn of 2021, Windows 11 offers users several new features and functionalities, as well as significant cosmetic changes compared to its predecessor. Immediately apparent is the new design, which features a sleeker Mac-like appearance to the new operating system’s menus. It is more integrated with Microsoft’s cloud solutions, with Microsoft Teams being integrated with access via the taskbar and greater integration with Microsoft 365 services for users, as well as widgets and snap-layouts for easier interface organization and multi-tasking.

However, despite Windows 11 having been in use for around 2 years now, many businesses are yet to make the switch. Making the switch will become increasingly important as we approach 2025 and beyond, here’s why.


Windows 10 Support is Ending in 2025. What Does This Mean?

Like how Microsoft pulled its active support for Windows 7 back in 2020, the company will also be withdrawing its support for Windows 10 sometime in 2025. The main thing that Windows 10 users will stop getting is security updates, which will of course put devices at risk. As this is public knowledge, it will be important for businesses to stay a step-ahead of cyber criminals that may attempt to find and exploit any vulnerabilities that will no longer receive fixes.

There will also be no new features being released after this point, which will gradually put businesses behind competitors using Windows 11, who will still receive new updates that can upgrade their productivity and collaboration capabilities.


Still Unsure if You Should Switch to Windows 11?

In addition to heightened security risks, running an older, unsupported operating system can come with several other performance and operational penalties:

  • Software and hardware incompatibilities: as Microsoft moves on from Windows 10, so will other providers of hardware and software, leading to increasing compatibility issues with this operating system.
  • Lower performance: Businesses may experience less efficiency as they will also no longer receive performance-enhancing updates from Microsoft.
  • Less reliable: As Windows 10 ages in relation to hardware and software on the market and becomes more vulnerable, it may become more prone to crashes and instabilities.


When will Windows 11 support end?

As Windows 11 is relatively new, the support for this OS is unlikely to end anytime soon. When support does end for Microsoft 10, it will have been around a decade, so we could expect a similar timeframe for Windows 11.


What happens to all the Windows 10 devices that are incompatible with Windows 11 in 2025?

Customers with Windows 10 devices are able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free. However, Windows 11 also features new hardware requirements in order to run, so this will put a limited number of devices at risk of being unable to operate with Windows 11.

Be careful to check that all devices are compatible with Windows 11 before attempting to make the upgrade, as some features may not work properly or at all. Devices using Windows 10 will still be able to work as they have before past the cut-off date, but it’s important to remember that security vulnerabilities will be lurking behind the scenes. There will likely be companies that provide alternative security updates and solutions for Microsoft 10 after the support cut-off, for a price, but it may be best to invest in new devices that can run Windows 11 instead.


Get Prepared to Switch

The key takeaway here is that it will be best to prepare your business ahead of Microsoft cutting off its support for Windows 10 in 2025. Not only will company devices become more vulnerable as time goes by, but also the systems and networks that they connect with. On the more positive side those that make the switch will continue to enjoy access updates that maintain and improve security, features and performance. Need a hand with preparing to transition seamlessly and securely from Windows 10 to Windows 11? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be glad to assist you!


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