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The Best IT Support Practices for Growing Companies

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A common challenge that growing companies collide with, is their technology getting into a tangle over time! As your infrastructure, users, tech stack, and devices grow in their number and complexity, issues can start to arise more and more often. This includes day to day issues like apps not working as they should, but also organization-wide problems such as slow network speeds. However, implementing some key rules of thumb businesses like yours to avoid these risks.

In this piece, we’ll explore some of the best IT support practices that are essential for companies in Toronto aiming for growth.

1. Conducting IT Audits

Peter Drucker once said ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’, and this principle also carries over to your IT environment. IT audits can help you to keep a reliable and up to date map of your IT assets, and any issues, vulnerabilities or potential opportunities that exist.

This map can help you to resolve roadblocks to future growth by equipping you to move from a reactive stance towards a proactive one. IT audits can cover many elements such as network performance, cybersecurity, and asset documentation for example. They can be conducted by a managed services provider or your internal team and distilled into comprehensive but actionable insights for your business.

2. Create an IT Strategy

An IT audit is rather like getting the intelligence that you need to anticipate and navigate the future. In the context of IT, it is intelligence for an IT strategy that keeps your tech aligned with your business’s goals. Practically, an IT strategy helps you to foresee and overcome roadblocks to growth, and to harness opportunities in the technological territory for your business.

Some key components and benefits to an IT strategy is that it helps you to grow more seamlessly without nasty surprises, make IT costs lower and more predictable, and it will spearhead initiatives that help your company to continually improve how it operates.

3. Investing into Cyber Security

Despite their size, small businesses are often targets for cyberattacks. In 2021 the Cyberthreat Defense Report collated information about cyber-attacks across the globe, finding that 78% of Canadian organizations experienced at least one cyberattack in a year.

Cybersecurity can sometimes be seen as an unnecessary investment, until it’s not! As your business grows, take care to ensure it is secured with measures such as password management, network firewalls, multi-factor authentication, and user access controls across your software.

4. Keeping Up with Business Compliance

As your business grows, its compliance requirements and the potential consequences of gaps in adherence to them can both grow with it. IT can be an oft-forgotten but very helpful ally for empowering observability and enforceability over compliance requirements in your business.

There may be software or IT solution providers around that can help you with meeting specific regulatory requirements, making your compliance more scalable, assured and controllable.

5. Efficient IT Asset Management

Asset management systems offer a comprehensive view of your IT resources, from hardware and software to your cloud infrastructure. They also offer additional features such as the ability to monitor their performance and vitals, as well as the ability roll out updates automatically and at scale. As your business grows, an IT asset management software can prove crucial for ensuring that your IT environment does not become an unruly jungle!


For companies in Toronto and beyond, adopting these IT support best practices is vital for fostering uninhibited growth and empowering competitiveness. From regular IT audits and strategic planning to prioritizing cybersecurity and efficient asset management, these fundamental practices with help you to secure, scale and manage your IT environment as your business grows.

This will not only save you trouble, lost time and costs later, it will also help you to harness technology for improved growth, efficiency and convenience in your business as it continues to grow!

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