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What Does Excellent Customer Service in IT Support Look Like? Green and Red Flags to Look Out For

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IT support doesn’t just have to deliver exceptional technical results, it should also be personable! Of course, IT support can create great tech and smiling faces, but we also know the stereotypes around ‘that’ IT guy, the kind that can be condescending and unpleasant to deal with.

Great customer service in IT support is not just about being helpdesk support that is helpful, friendly and a joy to deal with, it’s also about how your business is treated as a client and the commercial relationship. In this piece, we dive into the key themes of customer service in IT support, pointing out both the green and red flags to look out for in a provider. 

Green Flag: They’re Proactive and Open Communicators

An IT support provider, whether they are in Toronto or beyond, should be fast to respond, communicate in a jargon-free way, and be the kind of people that your team want to call and be in touch with. A cooperative, kind, helpful and patient approach to your team and your business can really add up into a game-changing difference in outcomes compared to a provider that does not offer these benefits.

They should act as a consultative presence, ready to tackle both big and small issues for your team and your business as a whole, and able to guide you towards the best products and services that can empower your business.

Green Flag: They Go Beyond Service Level Agreements

While adhering to service level agreements is important, a top-notch IT support provider will aim to go beyond what is obligated in terms of performance, and be proactive in more intangible areas that may be harder to measure with a consistent benchmark. For example, they should be proactive in their approach to network maintenance, see the SLAs as a minimum rather than being the goal to strive for, and work as an IT partner for your business that focuses on your strategic success.

Red Flag: Recurring IT Issues

A key aspect of IT support is remote monitoring and maintenance to ensure the health and security of your environment, but also fixing issues at their root cause. It can be frustrating if the same problems keep happening, and it can be a sign that your provider is not as committed as they could be to helping your business to transform how it operates with root-cause solutions. If issues do keep occurring, it is a sign that the provider isn’t undertaking preventative maintenance for your business.

Red Flag: Overpromising Capabilities

While having a provider with a genuinely deep and wide range of skills and specializations is always a good thing, be cautious of those claiming to ‘do it all,’ especially with a limited team. Ask about certifications, vendor partnerships and cause studies to help you to verify the claims of these prospective providers to see if they can deliver everything that they promise.

Red Flag: Product-Centric Conversations

Effective IT service providers should start conversations by understanding your business needs, limitations, and challenges. Unfortunately, some providers begin and persist with a sales pitch approach that can push vendor products and services that don’t align with your actual needs.

An IT support provider in Toronto should take the time to understand how your business operates, any regulatory pressures you face, and the specific challenges of your team, and be forthright and proactive in helping you to find, design and implement IT solutions that work for your business.

Green Flag: They Are Fast to Respond and Solve IT Issues

Of course, a great IT service prioritizes the success and convenience of your team! This looks like offering fast response times to queries and contacts, solving problems quickly, and keeping your team updated for those more complex support tickets as well.

Evaluating Your IT Support Partner

Reviewing your provider’s performance in these areas is crucial in determining whether they could be a trusted IT partner or should continue to be one. If you already have a provider, perhaps the greatest sign of all is just that you feel you’re getting the service you expect, that you’re a low priority.

If your provider is also looking more red than green, it may be time to seek IT support from a different provider. If you’re based in Toronto or surrounding areas like Mississauga, Markham, and Richmond Hill, providers including our team at VBS can help you to change the story. 

Given how fundamental technology is today, this can make a seismically positive difference for your business and your team! We hope you found this piece useful and can help you to get the best from what the IT support market in Toronto has to offer.

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