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Why You Need Cybersecurity Protection In Richmond Hill min

Regardless of its size, your business needs cybersecurity protection in Richmond Hill. We offer the kind of defense that your organization requires. With 24/7 threat monitoring, phishing fortification, ransomware protection, vulnerability scans, employee cyber security awareness training and multifactor authentication to name a few.

First, here’s a quick definition. Cybersecurity protection secures systems, networks, software, devices, and data against threats and attacks. Cyber-attacks are specifically designed to exploit any weaknesses in individual devices or systems. The endgame is to control data or disrupt destroy and/or disable your infrastructure.

There are a few threats that are more prevalent than others in today’s digital landscape. Please read on to find out how our services can protect you and your organization.


This is a specific kind of malware that’s designed to hold information at ransom. Ransomware cybersecurity attacks and encrypts an organization’s critical data so they can’t access their applications, databases or files.

There are several different types of common ransomware today. Each of the following variants has different methods of spreading. However, most of them rely on similar tactics that deceive users and take their data hostage.


This is one of the most infamous ransomware variants that’s made itself known across the globe. Companies worldwide in over 150 countries have been infected by this ransomware attack.

Bad Rabbit

This is a strain that has made itself known across Eastern Europe and Russia, but continues to spread to the rest of the world. It uses a false Adobe Flash update to compromise websites and computers.


Employees and small business owners need to be on the lookout for this particular variant. Like other versions of ransomware, this locks the victim’s computer preventing them from using it until the ransom is paid. It spreads through what looks like a normal email message that’s disguised as an invoice.

VBS offers small business cybersecurity protection in Richmond Hill that looks after ransomware as well as a variety of other threats. A multi-layer cybersecurity approach is necessary to secure your data and systems. Multi-layer cybersecurity includes:

  • email security to protect from phishing emails and ransomware
  • data encryption to protect your data in case it’s stolen and circulated on the dark web
  • cybersecurity device protection to prevent ransomware and other malware contamination
  • 24/7 vulnerability scans to keep systems secure
  • 24/7 threat monitoring to prevent a breach
  • dark web monitoring, in case credentials and your data show up on the dark web
  • as well as centralized management of multifactor authentication to ensure that all apps use it and more


Dark Web

We also offer Dark Web Monitoring . It’s important to keep in mind that thieves can take your information from your network, but also from cloud apps or breached websites and sell it on the dark web. The services that we offer enable you to be aware and take action if your business information is found on the dark web.

Transform Your Users into a Human Firewall

Social engineering cyberattacks are becoming more and more common because they effectively bypassing your cybersecurity protocols. 95% of corporate security breaches are caused by employee mistakes, and a single successful attack has stripped countless companies of their credibility and 60% have gone out of business for good. Regular cybersecurity employee awareness training not only minimizes cyber risks, but it also helps you maintain compliance and prevent a breach.

Humans are more than just a vulnerability; they’re a hero-in-training that just hasn’t found their superpower. Empower employees to become the super HUMAN FIREWALL that your business needs. With ongoing cybersecurity awareness training that includes individual employee secure scores, so you can identify the weakest link and strengthen it.

What Steps Should You Take Next?

Now that you understand Why You Need Cybersecurity Protection, let’s talk about what steps you should take to start hardening your cybersecurity posture.

You don’t know, what you don’t know. So the first step is to identify cybersecurity gaps within your network, including all your computers, network devices and software.

  • Uncover security gaps in your systems
  • Identify what needs to be fixed and secured
  • Find out if your data has already been compromised
  • Get a bird’s-eye view of your cybersecurity posture
  • Get strategic guidance on how to fortify your cybersecurity against any threat


Arm yourself with the information to make smart decisions to secure your technology, protect your people and valuable data. Understanding vulnerability gaps is a critical step to strengthening your cyber security hygiene. And we’ll help you identify the gaps, remediate, and secure your systems.

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and hackers have new tactics every day.

Assessments need to be done on a regular basis.

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